Budgeting Basics

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Easy Money Planning

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Changing Consumer Spending Patterns

Food, housing, and transportation use up the most household income. However, consumers at different income levels have different spending patterns. Some of these differences were noted over a century ago by the German economist Ernst Engel, who studied how people shifted their spending as their income rose. He found that as family income rises, the percentage spent on food declines, the percentage spent on housing remains about constant (except for such utilities as gas, electricity, and public services, which decrease), and both the percentage spent on most other categories and that devoted to savings increase. Engel's laws generally have been supported by later studies.

Openness With Information

If you're in a business or profession that trades in information, being open about your finances and how you organize your workspace, while important, are clearly not the only elements in your efforts to be open. Your real task is to be open with your customers by giving them the maximum amount of information about what you do. If you trust your customers

Managing a products essence

The essence of a product may change with a new ability to fulfill a new customer need because of a change or an improvement in the product's physical attributes or product shell. For example, thanks to miniaturization and increased performance and services, computers were first used for polling purposes, then to make scientific calculations, then to perform accounting, communication and management functions for organizations, then to play games, do homework, keep a family budget or access Internet services at the consumer level. Likewise, the use of smart cards (plastic cards including a microchip for their identification) created by the French firm Gemplus has evolved enormously from its origin, which was to make payments as credit cards. Today, smart cards are used as storage facilities for mobile phones, as portable electronic files for doctors and insurance companies, as tickets for ski lift access or urban parking lot (see Figure 6.1).

Analytics Components Track Your Apps Sales

Events are almost anything that occurs during the operation of your app. Events can be tracked for frequency, duration, or a combination of factors. A developer can track a feature being used, a button being pressed, or the time to complete a task. If you are selling an educational app, you might want to get some information on how long it takes typical users to complete an exercise or how long it takes them to take a quiz. Developers can also gather valuable information on how long a certain process or task takes users. For example, an app that handles your finances might track how long it takes typical users to balance their checkbooks. Understanding this information allows developers to modify their code, focusing on improving the most-used features.

New reality 1 Business as usual is getting very unusual

When my mother, an educator in Kentucky, started talking about such things as the outsourcing of jobs overseas, corporate ethics, owning stocks ('Did you buy Google ') and sustainability, I knew 'business' was now considered part of everyday people's domain, no matter what their occupations.And it should be, given the impact of business mismanagement and criminality on people's personal finances.

Question of Extracting Gold from the Information a 1

Neural networks and massively parallel computers are used to erunch huge amounts of data that are common to attractive customers. Lands' End uses a technique known as 'data mining' to identify different groups of catalogue clothing purchasers at the last count, it had identified 5,200 different segments In Belgium, American Express is using its customer database to test a system that links cardholder spending patterns with postal zone data. If a new restaurant opens, for example, the company might offer a special discount to cardholders who live within walking distance and who cat out a lot. Good pattern spotting can help firms to replace conventional advertising altogether. When Land Rover launched its new luxury Range Rover in the United Kingdom, it spent nothing on mass marketing, but instead splashed out some 30 a head on quirky gifts (seashells, chrysanthemums, maple leaves) to 11,000 people whom it had identified as prime prospects. The strategy paid off 85 per cent of the...

Conducting an App Pricing Analysis

So, it's very important to do a little math before you get started down the development path to make sure your finances can handle the costs you are going to incur. Who knows You may decide after doing a little analysis that building a particular app is not worth the price and scrap the project until you can find an idea that

Government published data

The Government publishes a great deal of information regularly on almost every aspect of British economic, social, commercial and financial life. It is always worth checking what government information is available for any research problem under review, since this will probably be the cheapest way of obtaining the information. Only the costs of publication are covered by the price of the various reports produced. Much information is available online. The European Union (EU) also provides a statistical service, Eurostat, which is useful in that it compares data from the member countries. The United Nations (UN) also has a statistical service organized around its departments.

Customer or market research

Customer or market research can produce quantitative facts about particular markets and market segments, for example, the size of the market in terms of both unit sales and value. When these data are collected over time, it allows one to identify trends and helps to predict future sales. It can also provide information on where customers are located, their spending patterns, their earnings and their creditworthiness. It can also explain why customers prefer one brand to another and what price they are willing to pay. Market research can also provide information about market share of all the firms operating in a market or market segment.

Economic Environment

Markets require buying power as well as people. The economic environment consists of factors that affect consumer purchasing power and spending patterns. Marketers must pay close attention to major trends and consumer spending patterns both across and within their world markets.

Household Budget

Household Budget

A budget tells us what we can't afford, but it doesn't keep us from buying it. The average family exists only on paper and its average budget is a fiction, invented by statisticians for the convenience of statisticians.

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