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What to Do When Writers Stall

It's a good rule of thumb that if a writer has spent more than half an hour getting nowhere, he should start using Plan B, even though it may mean interrupting his colleagues. The first thing he should do is talk the problem through with his project manager it's what he's there for. If the project manager can't solve the problem, the pair should work out who (inside the team or outside the organization) is most likely to know the answer. If that doesn't yield results, they should put out a newsgroup message. The response time can be surprisingly prompt, but delays of up to four hours are common. If a programmer takes this route, he will naturally get on with something else in the interval, pausing to check every hour for a brainwave to emanate from the Internet. Note Being shy, polite, or embarrassed isn't going to shift writer's block. Talking to some

Elancecom solves writers block

Through an online service that was brought to my attention by a student, you can now have paid professionals - writers - bid for the chance to write each page of your content. You simply provide your writer with the parameters, (keyword density rules, length, topic, etc. as outlined in my Hiring Authors report below) and THEY research and write your article for you. I cover the whole story of how I first hired local writers -then progressed to using - in my Hiring Authors audio report. In this newly refreshed report, I include a lively 30-minute discussion between Kellie Fowler, a freelance writer I discovered at Elance, and myself - where we discuss the finer points of hiring (and managing) freelance writers. In addition, the report includes a 37-page downloadable ebook that includes a printable transcript of the audio, sample work order, and my instructions to the writer including quality expectations, keyword density, etc.

Technique 2 Hire a freelancer ghostwriter to do all the work for you

Hire a ghostwriter This is an excellent strategy. Freelancers and ghostwriters are writing and software professionals. They work for a fee. All the writing work and designing is easily outsourced to ghostwriters. They do all the work you get the benefit (and the profits) Of course we understand here that the content has to be designed by us in a basic level of detail. Here is what a ghostwriter freelancer can do for you depends on the expertise required, the nature of the project and the volume of work. You are free to negotiate. Ghostwriters work mostly for themselves. If you generate repeat business for them a business relationship gets established. The ghostwriter or freelancer may then charge a lower fee for the returning client as it helps generate higher business volumes. The investment you make in a ghostwriter is returned many times over and gives beneficial results. You get an excellent product made and the readers get their value for money through high quality material. This...

Finding a Writer

If you don't want to do the writing yourself, finding a writer for your ebook is easy. Finding a good writer though is the tricky part. A lot of people think they have what it takes to win the Pulitzer if someone would just give them a chance, but even most college graduates have a hard time constructing a sentence, let alone writing a complete book. And you don't want any old book. You want a book your readers will enjoy reading in a style that speaks to them. If you've already hired someone to write your newsletters for you, they're probably going to be the first person to ask. Every time you hire a new writer, you're taking a risk. You'll have no idea how talented they are, how much they know about your industry or how well they can write in the style you need. A writer you already work with does know about your industry and you know how they write. to people's feedback. Elance encourages its clients to review the work of the people they hire. These are great indicators that will...

About the Technical Reviewer

Dave and Michael would like to thank the entire Apress family for believing in this book. None of this would have been possible without the many amazing people who were involved in this project. The wonderful Kelly Moritz not only kept us on track, but her positive spirit was a great motivator. The talented Douglas Pundick and Mark Johnson provided invaluable feedback and technical expertise. The copyediting wizardry of Kim Wimpsett truly made us better writers. The production team's usual magic ensured our humble words looked good in print, and the marketing and sales staff worked hard to deliver those words to readers everywhere. We greatly appreciate all your efforts and dedication

Get passionate have fun take a big risk

Personally, I learnt a long time ago that passion was one, if not the, key factor for business success. I once held two jobs. One, the day job, was as a sales manager for a large life insurance company. The other, evenings and weekends, as a jingle writer - writing the music, and sometimes the lyrics, for TV and radio ads. I wrote some good stuff. I thoroughly enjoyed the creative outlet it gave me. I spent most of my day - in the day job - thinking about it. To say I was enthusiastic was an understatement - 'immersed' was the word. I found that I spent most of the money I made in the day job to supply and feed my hunger to be 'around' and 'recognized' in the music scene. I bought the latest recording equipment, keyboards, effects and lots of other stuff.

Responsibility in marketing

For many years writers on marketing have been at pains to point out that the principal function of marketing 'is not so much to be skilful in making the customer do what suits the interests of the business as to be skilled in conceiving and then making the business do what suits the interests of the customers' (McKittrick 1957, p. 78). In a present-day context, to be skilful in conceiving the real interests of customers, the organization must balance environmental considerations against profitability requirements society's welfare against individual needs and the long-term welfare of customers against their short-term wants. For these reasons, therefore, we must broaden the marketing concept to include wider dimensions.

Current online environment

Chris Anderson, in his book The Long Tail, describes how new Internet applications, including collaborative filtering, are moving the market away from the head consisting of the top-selling artists, writers, movies, and so forth and moving members of the market down the tail by allowing them to discover new, less popular products easily that would have, under previous circumstances, gone unnoticed in the marketplace.

Enhancing the Mobile Experience

Expanding on the writing-related app idea that I previously mentioned, don't just emulate the feature sets of similar desktop software programs and or web sites. Not only is that disrespectful to those developers (not to mention the potential legal infringement issues involved), but you're not bringing anything new to the table. Why would writers opt to buy your query tracking iPhone app instead of a competing desktop program Are you simplifying the task Are you adding any significant mobile advantages that would make it easier for traveling writers who are constantly away from their office Do you plan on integrating Mail and iCal support to save them several steps when communicating with their editors and publishers

Write about your experience and accomplishments

The key to writing meaningful accomplishments is to keep in mind the employer's needs, concerns, and reason for interest in you. How can you help the organization What benefits do you offer over another candidate What have you done for companies in the past How does your experience relate to the employer's current needs To be certain you are capturing this truly essential viewpoint, keep digging further back into the specific accomplishment until you reach the bottom-line benefit. Here's an example of a dialogue between resume writer and client that may help as you interrogate yourself about your achievements Having gathered this information, the resume writer can craft an achievement that appeals to the potential employer's concerns save money, increase customer satisfaction, improve efficiency, save time. For example

Forwarding and Masking

That person to whatever host you specify that contains the folder with the web site in it. For example, writer Lynne Hayworth's web site is located at hayworth index.html. Web surfers looking for that site can type in and automatically be redirected to the proper site.

A publishers role is simple

Yes, the goal is to prompt the reader to move on to the advertiser by clicking on one of the ads (so you get paid), but you should know upfront that this requires strong, valuable copy. ( Copy is an industry-related term that refers to the actual text placed on your site. This is why writers are frequently referred to as copywriters.)

The 6 most important factors in choosing a topic in order of priority

Is it a subject I'm familiar with Of course, it would be nice to write about topics you're familiar with, as I stressed in Step-1. However, I realize this may not be possible, although it is my first choice. No, it's not ABSOLUTELY necessary because your focus will be on researching the Net for information related to your industry and distilling the vast amounts of knowledge found there into well-written words for each page of your site. I like to think of it as gobbling up information, digesting it and regurgitating it for the general public. Anyway, the point is that you can become an expert on a topic if you are not one now. In fact, in Step-5, you will be taught exactly how to research and write your content using the Internet. I will also show you how to use eLance, a freelance website that boasts talented writers that will work for nominal fees, many with experience in this specific area. We'll go into more about eLance later. For now, if you do decide to craft your own copy,...

Positive External Reviews

Seek out other venues to get reviews of your app. For example, if you have an app that helps people learn how to garden, look for web and print publications that are focused on gardening and make a few inquiries to see if they would be interested in reviewing your app for an article. You'll be surprised how many publications will be interested in doing such a story. The reason is simple. Publications are always looking for topics that would be of interest to their readers. The iPhone still carries the cool factor and for those readers outside of the traditional tech world, the iPhone iPad and apps that are germane to their interests carry strong interest. You will probably have to arrange a call to demo the app for the editor or writer of the

Additional Free Writing tips

- Ask authors writers if they want their work published online and converted into an e-Book The authors can be requested to offer their work for online publishing and conversion to an e-Book. In return the writer should be given a percentage of the sales. Some authors may allow work reproduction just for the free publicity.

Your App in Traditional Media Newspapers Radio TV

The good old fashioned printed newspaper is still alive (for now) and it's actually a great medium to help you gain exposure for your app. Keep in mind that if your story runs in newsprint it will also run in the online edition of the paper in most cases. There are so many opportunities to reach out to editors and writers to pitch your story, and reaching them has never been easier since they all post their email address at the end of their columns.

Never underestimate the intelligence of the buyer

Mencken is considered one of the greatest writers and social observers of the previous century. He is famous for having said No one ever went broke by underestimating the intelligence of the American public. The great British writer W. Somerset Maugham said When you consider how stupid the average person is, it should be no great compliment for anyone to be considered above average.

Gold marketing principle 16 The very best investment yourself

Next he bought a small one-inch space ad for the manual in a popular writer's magazine with a national audience. The ad cost around 280. He offered the manual for 12, plus shipping. His cost to print and mail the manual was about 3 each, so he could expect a profit of about 9 per sale.

Notes On The Direct Mail Creative Checklist

If you are the writer and are new to writing, do just one approach from beginning to end before going on to the next. Then base the second approach on the first, the third on the second, and so on. Now go back and redo the first and probably the others, too. You'll be

Getting the Word Out About Your Apps

Writing quality press releases is not for the faint of heart. It takes an experienced writer to capture and convey the key value of your app and interest your busy readers. Certain style elements must be followed in the press release so that it reads like a press release and not like an advertisement. Second, the press release must be positioned so that it gets into the right hands. Again, developers think that if they have a hastily written press release in hand, they can simply email it around to a few people and like magic the word will get out.

Case Study 13 Rosine And Vera

France retains its international reputation as a centre for the avant garde. Paris has always been a magnet for experimental writers, artists and musicians. Paris has also been the home of haute couture. Original haute couture garments, as opposed to imitation ones and adaptations, are original one-off creations designed by the 23 couture houses listed with the F deration Fran aise de la Couture. Very high prices put haute couture beyond the reach of most pockets yet it still remains the lifeblood and focus of the French fashion industry. Most couture houses are on or near the rue de Faubourg-St-Honor . Houses include Chanel, Christian Lacroix, Guy Laroche, Nina Ricci, Yves St Laurent and Christian Dior to name just a few. Comme des Gar ons produces avant garde quirky clothes for both men and women. In the nearby rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the eccentric but celebrated designer Jean-Paul Gaultier has a shop at Les Halles shopping centre, as does Agn s B, whose clothes combine the very...

Find An Example Of An Advertising Compaign And Evaluate The Creative Strategy And Tactics Used In The Ads.

The challenge facing the writers, artists, and others who develop ads is to be creative and come up with fresh, unique, and appropriate ideas that can be used as solutions to communications problems. Creativity in advertising is a process of several stages, including preparation, incubation, illumination, verification, and revision. Various sources of information are available to help the creative specialists determine the best campaign theme,appeal, or execution style.

Giving Customers Authority for Your Claims

Another good approach to validating your expertise is to write a series of articles about your specialty or to contact publications and freelance writers to see if they are interested in telling your story for you. In almost every business or field of specialization, there are newsletters, journals or trade magazines that accept such articles. Once a favorable article is published about your innovative law practice, lawn repair service or language school, distribute reprints to your customers and have the original enlarged for display. Also, if you can, arrange to be interviewed on a local radio show, and have a friend photograph your appearance and display it at your business, or use it in your brochure. Newspaper articles about your business are, of course, an easy thing to display. Again, however, make sure that all material of this sort is reasonably up-to-date. People will be a lot more interested in the fact that you appeared on the Jay Leno show last month than the Merv Griffin...

Getting Airplay on Internet Radio stations

With eight channels of streaming audio, plus on-demand listening, video and podcasts, visitors to the ASCAP Network can discover and experience a diverse and dynamic community of songwriters, composers and publishers. In addition, ASCAP's highly-acclaimed Audio Portraits series gives listeners unique insight into the creative process, as told by the writers themselves.

Touchy Feely Research into Consumer Motivations

Researchers use a wide variety of non-directive and projective techniques to uncover underlying emotions and attitudes towards brands and buying situations. The techniques range from sentence completion, word association and inkblot or cartoon interpretation tests, to having consumers describe typical brand users or form daydreams and fantasies about brands or buying situations. Some of these techniques verge on the bizarre. One writer offers the following tongue-in-cheek summary of motivation research session

Guerrilla Tactic Writing While Making a Living

As your writing progresses, you may find that you need help. If you do, you can hire freelance researchers, editors, proofreaders, indexers, book designers, ghostwriters, and publicists. Try to get recommendations from your friends, literary agents, and network members, or contact writers' organizations to find the help you need.

Measurement and scaling

Scales Measurement

Like sampling we use measurement regularly in our daily lives. For example, if someone asks you of your favourite newspaper, your mind may create a list and you shall decide your favourite most newspaper from that. While deciding on that favourite newspaper your mind would have used several criteria such as your reading pattern, content of the newspaper, various other features such as writers involved, format, colour and pictures used, and columnists you prefer. Furthermore, your mind would have also told you the most preferred the second most preferred and even least preferred newspaper. The criteria your mind is using in deciding the favourite newspaper is called measurement. In research terms, measurement is nothing but the assignment of numbers or other symbols to characteristics of objects according to certain pre-specified rules. One of the important things to note here is that researchers do not measure objects but some characteristics of it. So in reality, researchers do not...

Benchmarks for Graphic Design

The writer should never do a final proofreading personally. If the author misses an error one time, the odds are great that he or she will miss it again. Have others proof in the final stages. The writer should want to know that readers are clear about the message and impressed by the words-manship. Proofreaders should be ensured that there is no

Use a work order to organize your thoughts

I found this process still works well for me, whether I am planning on writing the content myself, or hiring a writer, -because it forces me to carefully organize my thoughts and ideas and really think-through exactly what I want for the site. Notes to Writer (600+ words) I would like the home page to summarize what the visitor will find on this site. I would like a powerful and compelling headline that will draw the visitor into the site. Notes to Writer In 300+ words, and in the spirit of the backyard barbecue theme, I would like you to expand the information on Notes to Writer In 300+ words, and in the spirit of the backyard barbecue theme, I would like you to discuss the two fuel choices (propane vs. natural gas), and will elaborate on the important features. At the bottom of the article, I would like a good call to action for the visitor to visit Notes to Writer In 300+ words, and in the spirit of the backyard barbecue theme, I would like to elaborate on...

So they build the site

The one right now that I started latest actually, I don't offer anything, I just tell them, hey, sign up for this weekly newsletter. But to try to, I'm not happy with the conversion, they're pretty good but I think I can get them higher so what I just did is I just hired a writer to write like a free e-book and I'm going to give them away. It's an e-book that has general information about that niche and we gave it a nifty little title. And I'm going to give it out to them for free for signing up for the newsletter.

You Shall Study the Past and the Past Will Make You Less Stupid

The first and most valuable thing most companies can do to avoid acting stupidly is to encourage all employees to learn about the history of the industry in which they compete. The great thing about history (hindsight) is it is full of facts from which you can learn things, such as how to avoid positioning disasters and what to do if a PR roof falls in on you, while many strategic business books are often full of suppositions and untested conjectures. Now please, don't waste everyone's time with an attempt to wiggle out of your required reading by telling us about the subjectivity of history we're all aware that people can differ about the significance of different events. If different writers and historians have different opinions about the facts, read them all, and make up your own mind from an informed viewpoint.

What are some of the specific mistakes that you see them make in the actual sales copy

Direct marketer I still never read sales letters. I can't read them for the life of me. Because they're too long and they're boring. So what I do is I scan them. There are very few writers who can actually capture me, and get me to read, and very few niches where I'll do it.

Take Advantage of Digg Traffic

Story titles that capture users' attention are more likely to get voted on and make the front page of Digg. Titles with sensational, compelling headlines and interesting summaries tend to work best. Therefore, make sure that your story title and summary are interesting and stand out. If you are not an experienced writer, you can hire a professional writer to draft interesting content about your

Start by Writing Good Content

If you don't have confidence in your writing abilities or don't like writing, consider hiring a ghost writer to create content for you. eLance has thousands of expert writers that can write about any subject. Hiring a ghost writer can be a cost effective way to create volumes of unique content. Most ghost writers will work on a per article basis, which allows you to evaluate their work before committing to bigger writing projects.

There are some templates and rulesofthumb for writing copy that can make your job even simpler

The most popular ebooks about writing that I offer on my site. Anyone I know who is familiar with either of these gentlemen's work loves their easy-going style and readily apparent generosity of spirit. Don't think you're a writer Well you are, and these are the guys who will prove it to you.

Launching Your Info product

Once you've selected the niche market that you want to build an information business around, it's time to get to work and create your first info product. If you've always thought of yourself as a writer and want to do it yourself, go for it. If you'd rather pay a professional, that's a good option too. Since online information products are so cheap to distribute, you can probably make your initial investment back once you've sold thirty or forty copies of your new info product.

Newspapermagazine columns

Column ' Second, every column you publish is better than any ad you can buy, especially if you cleverly work your marketing messages into your 'objective' information. A news or informational column is not perceived as an ad, and thus, turns off the buyer's natural mental 'ad filter.' Everybody knows that all ads are filled with hype - but a column No, that's straight news, and thus, commands a high degree of credibility. The tough part is getting a newspaper or magazine to agree to run your column. Publishers absolutely hate handing out free ink to anybody, and they won't like your column if it's a blatant attempt to plug your business. So instead, write an honest-to-goodness column that provides solid information readers can use, or be entertained by. Tagging your freephone number at the end of your column may be all you need to get your phone ringing. A good, subtle writer can work in 'hidden' pitches for his or her products, but it must be done with the utmost finesse. Offer your...

How long did it take you to reach each of those milestones from 100 a day to 200 a day to 1000 a day

I used a company on the internet to help me write where I find people where I can get low cost writers. Company called Elance. And then I find a guy that'll write me articles about hip replacement, I publish them on the website. I refer to this book as a solution to maybe solve their, some of their pain problems, and then I get paid for every one of those that are sold. I get a percentage of the commission. And I figured, you know what, I bet you I can go find you a few products around this, and I bet you I could find a writer who knows the industry so I went to ClickBank, I found that product and a couple of others, and this is more of a health site, you know kind of boosts your immunity type of thing. And then we went to town to build the hip site. So what I did, I've got a very simple little formula I've devised, years ago now to, how to construct a very low cost inexpensive website, that I can now display these merchants on. So what happens is,...

Seek Non App Review Sites for Your

Seek out other venues to get reviews of your app. For example, if you have an app that helps people learn how to garden, look for web and print publications that are focused on gardening, and make a few inquiries to see if they would be interested in reviewing your app for an article. You'll be surprised how many publications will be interested in doing such a story. The reason is simple. Publications are always looking for topics that would be of interest to their readers. The iPhone still carries the cool factor, and for those readers outside of the traditional tech world, the iPhone iPad and apps that are germane to their interests carry strong interest. You will probably have to arrange a call to demo the app for the editor or writer of the publication if they don't have an iPhone, but it is well worth the effort, and you circumvent the long lines at the traditional review sites.

Could we get a brief background of yourself and some of your websites

And I was very fortunate because along with being an entrepreneur I am also a writer, I have a weekly column on small business for the newspaper here in Huntsville. I have written for Entrepreneur Magazine and just - it's very easy for me to write. So, I started developing my own info products and marketing those, and that was about three years ago and today we have eight or nine products of our own. A couple of thing that we do to get huge traffic from. Number one, I mentioned that I am writer. I write a new column every week, and every time I write it, it is blasted out to hundreds of ezine article websites. I have the guy that this is all he does for me, is blast out my articles. And we get a tremendous amount on traffic because we have been at this for a couple of years, so I have almost two hundred articles that are pasted all over the web.

Step 5 Compile Your Key Words

Program writers sometimes try to beef up attention, rather like journalists, by incorporating words that have a high buzz value sex, money, danger, sensation, health scare, arrest, and so on. This may attract attention to your site, but not necessarily from the searcher you want to go there. What you want is not just attention, but attention that leads to a hit.

Aligning organization with marketing strategy

There are a number of factors to consider when aligning marketing operations with marketing strategy. The primary driver in designing the organization should be the customer. There are myriad organizational forms that result in a mismatch of success as perceived by the customer and writers on the subject (Ambler and Kokkinaki 1997). The question becomes one of identifying the organization structure that best serves the customer. At the same time successful organizations maintain a form of matrix structure as there are distinct benefits for the customer. The organization must, however, avoid anything that distracts from a customer focus. Misapplied technology, for example, can be a distraction. During the craze the banks particularly, and other organizations, emphasized more the technology than the customer's true needs. Many firms established separate Internet marketing units. Such a narcissistic approach to products is clearly another form of marketing myopia. While...

Baby step 14 Distribute a press release

The truth is that crafting a press release that gets such results isn't difficult at all. And, I am going to show you how to do this, and keep in mind you can do a Google search for how to write a press release to find a number of other easy to follow tutorials. (or an Elance writer would love to do it for you) Try to keep the press between 400 and 500 words (The press release example that follows was written by a professional writer who regularly writes press releases for a variety of clients and news distribution services. When writing one yourself, which is easy to do, keep it short and sweet. The following example gives you a good idea of how to write and format a release and does a good job of conveying the tone and style you should use.) As an example of a press release, I have provided one that a professional writer wrote for my upcoming BootCamp - I hope to see you there. About Net Guides Publishing Inc. Located in Las Vegas, NV, Net Guides US corporate headquarters is based...

Hiring Survey Results

As a resume writer, I view the world primarily from the job seeker's perspective. Naturally, I try to maintain current information on career trends, hiring practices, and human resources issues. When I began writing this book, however, I decided to conduct a survey of hiring authorities to be certain the information I provided was consistent with the experiences, preferences, and expectations of those on the receiving end of job seekers' resumes.

Fast Company Now FC

The Gist Fast Company has published a business magazine focusing on revolutionary business practices and its impact on the world since 1995. In print and online, the magazine now has a print distribution of 725,000 and 3.2 million readers. In 2003, Fast Company decided to launch a team blog that multiple Fast Company writers, designers, and production staff could take part in. It was the first business magazine to launch a blog and one of the first magazines to do so. The blog gives Fast Company the ability to alert readers to issues that aren't being covered by a full story in the magazine software that wouldn't be reviewed but might still be useful, a trend that was fully formed enough to merit 800 words or a quick opinion or stance. It is also a great way for Fast Company to ask questions of its readers and get a better idea of where trends and interests lie. Contributors also use the blog as a way to direct readers' attention to old stories suddenly current again or Web-only...

Agencies Learn That Its about More Than Advertising

Members of the creative department work together to develop ads that will communicate the key points determined to be the basis of the creative strategy for the client's product or service. Writers and artists generally work under the direction of the agency's creative director, who oversees all the advertising produced by the organization. The director sets the creative philosophy of the department and may even become directly involved in creating ads for the agency's largest clients.

The Increasing Use Of Sales Promotion In A Market Is More Than A Passing

The increasing use of sales promotion in marketing programs is SaleS Promotion AbUSe more than a passing fad. It is a fundamental change in strategic decisions about how companies market their products and services. The value of this increased emphasis on sales promotion has been questioned by several writers, particularly with regard to the lack of adequate planning and management of sales promotion programs.

Refining the online customer experience at dabscom was originally created by entrepreneur David Atherton in partnership with writer Bruce Smith (the name 'dabs' comes from the combined initials of their two names). Their first venture, Dabs Press was a publisher of technology books. Although David and Bruce remain firm friends, Dabs has been 100 owned by David since 1990.

Gather Your Resource Materials

As a measure of comparison, it takes me an average of 3 to 4 hours to create a resume for a midlevel professional with 15 to 20 years of experience. For a senior executive, an additional 1 to 3 hours is required. What's included in this time Typically, I spend an hour consulting with my client 2 to 4 hours planning, positioning, writing, editing, and formatting the resume and an hour reviewing the document with my client and finalizing the print and electronic versions. As an experienced resume writer, I know the questions to ask, the types of accomplishments that will be meaningful, effective positioning strategies, and other information you might have to give more thought. I'm also a whiz at the word processor and can zip through complex resume formatting that may cause you headaches and aggravation Quite simply, to produce a high-quality resume, it's not possible to whip through the process on autopilot. Consider the time spent as an investment in your future. I'm certain it will...

Planning Creative Strategy The Creative Challenge

The job of the creative team is challenging because every marketing situation is different and each campaign or advertisement may require a different creative approach. Numerous guidelines have been developed for creating effective advertising,11 but there is no magic formula. As copy writer Hank Sneiden notes in his book Advertising Pure and Simple

Case Study 2 Condomi Size Him Up

Over the next few days radio talk shows, columnists and feature writers, even the cartoonists, all developed the story further, on and off the sports pages and shows. The media practically door-stepped the new Mr Brown as the tournament approached, and he, to his credit, enjoyed the fun and milked the story further. There were lots of levels for buzz to occur on, because of the fun nature of the whole campaign. The UK Press headline writers had a field day, which helped the word of mouth factor. 'Jimmy's a sauce pot' exclaimed the Daily Star. 'Brown is the new White in saucy promotion' reported the Guardian. 'Change of name may be sauce of inspiration for White' said The Times pithily. 'White adds sauce to a spicy image' echoed the Evening Standard, with Metro getting attention with 'Jimmy drops White and pockets Brown.' The Observer provided a rather succinct analysis of the events of the week under the headline (borrowed from another coloured brand) of 'The future's Brown'.

Building the Perfect Bill

He wrote a book of deep thoughts about the future of technology, The Road Ahead. It's not a very good book, but people are OK with that. Richest man in the world, smart little geek, and talented writer might be a little too much to bear. And the book is just bad enough to convince people that Gates really tried to write it himself and didn't hire some slick ghostwriter to churn out more corporate propaganda. Gates wrote his own propaganda and he believes it. People like sincerity combined with the right dash of self-effacing ineptitude.

Psychology Of Shaving

Those of us who are old enough remember how the ritual used to be conducted because many of us watched it every morning. Like a chemist with mortar and pestle, our fathers would whip up a rich lather by stirring their shaving brushes around in their large ceramic mugs. Like an orchestra conductor during a brisk allegro, they would strop their gleaming straight-edge razors on long strips of leather. Writer Richard Armour once recalled the scene I loved to watch him grimace and pull the skin taut with his fingers preparatory to a daring swipe from cheekbone to chin. I held my breath while he shaved his upper lip, coming perilously close to his nose, and when he started his hazardous course along his jawbone, risking an ear lobe. When he scraped around his Adam's apple, with a good chance of cutting his throat, I had to turn away until I thought the danger was past.

Want an ad thats 500 more effective Then test

Some of these variables are obvious, such as choosing the right advertising vehicle for what you're selling. Indeed, perhaps 80 of everything in an ad is under your control - but it's that mysterious 20 that creates problems - or spells opportunity. Even the most successful, experienced ad writers only get it right about 70 of the time, and then, many successful ads are not as successful as they could be. There's just no hard mathematical or scientific formula that can guarantee a great ad every time.

New reality 5 The importance of trends in a neophiliac society

One of the most popular trendspotting sites is a subscription-based push email called The DailyCandy, which was the brainchild of former New York magazine writer Dany Levy. She started the service in 2000 at the age of 28 and, at time of writing, is now covering New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The email helps neophiliacs (mainly Gen X women) stay on top of the latest in everything from restaurant openings to local brow-shaping experts. The service has never advertised and grew almost exclusively through word of mouth. Women began forwarding the daily update to friends and soon Levy had a booming business on her hands.While The DailyCandy is hardly underground anymore (it now serves the mainstream rather than the trendsetters), it is evidence of the importance people place on being among the first in the know.11

OnDeck Versus Off Deck Web Advertising

The experience between on- and off-deck Web access is becoming very similar, but on- and off-deck mobile Web access are still fundamentally different. As discussed in previous chapters, on-deck Web access is Web access that the carrier provides though a branded portal, sometimes called a WAP deck. Marguerite Reardon, a staff writer at CNET News, explains the unique business model for on-deck Web access quite well

Interpersonal Factors

The buying centre usually includes many participants who influence each other. The business marketer often finds it difficult to determine what kinds of interpersonal factors and group dynamics enter into the buying process. As one writer notes 'Managers do not wear tags that say decision maker or unimportant person . The powerful are often invisible, at least to vendor representatives.'2 Nor docs the buying-centre participant with the highest rank always have the most influence. Participants may have influence in the buying decision because they control rewards and punishments, are well liked, have special expertise, or have a special relationship with other important participants. Interpersonal factors are often very subtle. Whenever possible, business marketers must try to understand these factors and design strategies that take them into account.

What Media Creativity Is All About

In low- to medium-priced media organizations, the writer, director, and producer often are one and the same. But whether there is one, two, or a team, media creativity is the ability to use media to tell a story. It begins with the ability to create a script to write the words that are spoken while sound effects, music, and visual images are For on-location shooting, the writer and producer must visit the site not only before shooting but even before writing to learn whether filming there is practical, both for reasons of safety and to remain within the budget. Once reassured, they put their imagination to work. Immediately, they start seeing shots, hearing words, and visualizing action. Suggested scripts from the agency or the client are actually helpful at this stage. Far from hindering the writers, they tell them what the client wants and how they see themselves in relationship to that project. It focuses creativity within specified limitations, rather than letting it expend time,...

Notes On The Broadcast Fax Checklist

Give the reason for the message and the results it is to produce. This tells the writer what is to be said, not how to say it. The actual wording is the job of the writer in 9. 9. Writer. The checklist shows the person who appoints the writer. If certain things must be said in a specific way, let the writer know before he or she begins . . . and whether this is a legal constraint or a management decision. If the latter, management should be willing to at least consider alternatives.

If Your Original Uses A Standard Paragraph Format

If your models use a paragraph format, count the letters in each line, and then use the same space for the telegraphic style. Copy in paragraph format takes a writer, just as original design takes a designer. And in most instances, the telegraphic style will be more effective, regardless of writing skill. So stick to what you can do.

Deciding Whos in Charge

2There are many columnists and feature writers whose coverage is as important as news is to companies and organizations. These writers and electronic commentators live on a constant supply of publicity-type information. It takes a long while to build this type of relationship, but once established, it becomes a very nice bonus for both sides.

About This Book

The advice, suggestions, rationale, and recommendations in this book have been gleaned from my many years of experience as a resume writer and career coach. They are reinforced by the collected wisdom of other resume and career professionals and key insights from recruiters, human resources professionals, and hiring managers. The hundreds of sample resumes and cover letters in this book were written for real job seekers with quirky pasts and a wide range of


In 2001, the dot-com bubble started to burst as traditional companies began to pull back on their Internet advertising budgets. Massive layoffs followed as content providers sought less expensive ways to provide content for Internet users. This brought about the development of Web 2.0, a system in which users are the content providers and the Web 2.0 companies just provide the platform. Media writer and analyst Tim O'Reilly, the founder and CEO of O'Reilly Media, coined the term Web 2.0. Web 2.0 is basically the current generation of popular web applications that are democratic in nature, put the user in control, and rely on the aggregate wisdom of the masses to provide content and feedback. One of the early examples is Wikipedia, launched in early 2001 as harnessing the wisdom of crowds to build an online encyclopedia (Information Week) it went live in 2005.

MP3 Format

Listen to 60 minutes of CD-quality music in the MP3 audio format (Brown, 1998). Users had to return to their computers and reload the player to listen to more songs or use removable media such as SmartMedia cards to hold additional music. By 1999, portable MP3 players from a number of manufacturers were popular, and other software developers, such as Liquid Audio and a2b, scrambled to develop audio compression formats that were more secure and would appeal to piracy-conscious record labels. In the fall of 1999, Napster was in full swing, and MP3 players were popular with college students. The RIAA began contacting universities and targeting college students, who were the most likely copyright violators. Access to high-speed Internet on campuses was fueling massive peer-to-peer music file sharing. The RIAA sent notices to more than 300 universities warning them that students were hosting illegal MP3 files on campus servers. Janelle Brown, writer for, wrote in November 1999...

Finding onramps

Some marketing tactics may be especially suitable for your use. If you are a great writer, take advantage of that talent. On the other hand, if speaking in front of an audience ties your tongue into knots, leave that off the Road Map for now. Get some coaching on how to improve that skill. Once you are more comfortable with public speaking, you can add it to your Road Map.

Inward Link Analysis

There are many techniques to improve inward linking. Many of these have enjoyed success. The most proven technique for inward linking is writing and distributing free reprint articles. You simply write (or hire a ghostwriter) a few 500-700 word articles related to the theme of your website. You also include an About the Author resource box at the end of your article that includes a link back to your website. Then you visit article directories (websites that accept article submissions) and submit your article giving full permission for other websites to reprint your article on their site as long as they include your resource box and a link back to your website along with the article. This is a win-win scenario. Webmasters get needed content to


Answer Writers, software companies, manufacturers in any industry you can imagine. I'll come up with a lot more answers and then figure out how to reach each client. I'll be specific and break the potential customers down into niche segments. What do they do What kind of things would they search for at a Search Engine that is related to their occupations

Create trust

For subscribers to trust you, they must respect you as an authority in your area of consulting, as a writer, and as a publisher. They must believe in the quality of your zine as a trustworthy source of information. To keep subscribers' trust, maintain that quality with every issue, and always deliver your zine to their e-mailboxes at the scheduled time. You want loyal readers, and loyalty follows trust.

Manage content

Writer Small courses can be designed and written by the same person. With large courses, time can be saved by splitting the design and writing processes with one or more writers working within the framework of the instructional design. Researcher Normally the SME will bring all required knowledge and information to a course, however, there will be circumstances when it is either necessary or expedient to bring in a researcher to work with the SME, the instructional designer, and the writer.

Long copy is key

Copy writers who write sales materials have a saying 'Long copy outsells short copy' and 'The more you tell, the more you sell.' This means a six page sales letter will almost always out-perform a four-page sales letter, or a postcard. A large space ad with room for 200-500 words of sales copy will outsell a 25-word classified ad


Literature in the popular press suggests that gender of the celebrity endorser could be important. In a 1995 article in The Wall Street Journal, writer Kevin Goldman claimed that according to a ranking of TV endorsers compiled by Video Storyboard Tests in New York, women endorsers were perceived to be more credible that men. He reported that according to one

Marketing Campaign

One of the best free methods is to write and distribute articles with a link to the squeeze page in the resource box. A typical resource box should contain a short biography of the writer, a description of the site, and a link to the squeeze page. Spend time on writing a provocative and interesting resource box. Make it intriguing so people want to know more about you and your site. Keep your newsletter fresh. If necessary hire a few different writers to write for you. by Jeffrey Perren, News Writer & Research Associate

So Whats the Point

One of the most clear-headed thinkers, and biggest winners, and one of my favorite writers on the Net, is John Audette. John calls this Niche with Passion. It's one of his Sweet 16 Principles for Building a Successful Internet Business . It takes a cold-hearted business person to make money at something that she does not particularly like. Few of us qualify. Of course, if you do, don't hesitate to go where the PROFITABILITY seems to be, first and foremost


Ralph Nader appeared on the scene in the 1960s to force many issues, and other well-known writers accused big business of wasteful and unethical practices. President John F. Kennedy declared that consumers have the right to safety and to be informed, to choose and to be heard. American Congress investigated certain industries and proposed consumer-protection legislation. Since then, many consumer groups have been organized and several consumer laws have been passed. The consumer movement has spread internationally and has become very strong in Europe.10

Coup de Grace

Byte Magazine Turbo Pascal Adv

Reaction in the OS 2 community made the Gerstner faux pas seem insignificant. Online OS 2-friendly forums exploded. Tens of thousands of messages were posted electronically over the next several weeks, most asking for an explanation of Barnes's remarks. Famous long-time OS 2 aficionado James Fallows, columnist for the Atlantic Monthly, former editor of U.S. News & World Report, and a noted writer, posted several public messages16 asking what on Earth IBM was doing. Borland was aided in its growth by Kahn's astute handling of the media. In addition to his ability to sweet-talk the publishing side of the PC press, Kahn was also a favorite of editors and writers. Kahn played saxophone, was a karate black belt, gave good quote, and always seemed to be involved in some newsworthy antic, such as Borland's wild

The writing process

Assist readers by bulleting key points. This device quickly summarizes your important content and signals readers when they should read further or more closely. When you build a reputation as a writer, readers will scan less they'll dive right in because they want to learn your views.


I have a friend who is a freelance writer and media consultant. From time to time he puts on a workshop for business people. He calls it How to Write Press Releases and Get Free Media Coverage. He limits enrolment to 12 people. The charge is 50 per person. He spends an afternoon explaining the art of writing press releases. He doesn't just talk. He makes them work He requires each participant to write at least two press releases, and then he gives them each a one-on-one critique. He sends them home with some model press releases and a format they can use to write future releases. I said That's a nice way to make 600 for an afternoon's work. He agreed, but then added I don't do it for the 600. I do it for the business it generates for me. Explaining, he said at least one, and sometimes several of the workshop members inevitably come back to hire him for writing projects business plans, company year-end reports, grant writing, advertising copy, direct mail pieces, and even press...

Fabulous Fruit

1 At the time I was working at Macy's as a salesman in a fully staffed and stocked high-end retail computer store that was built within the company's flagship Herald Square location on 34th Street. This store was authorized to sell high-end systems such as the IBM PC and the Apple II and III, but until it was completed I was put to work in the consumer electronics section of Macy's, which sold low-end systems such as the VIC-20 and the Atari 400s and 800s. Several days before Christmas, the only units available for sale to disappointed moms and dads were a few forlorn Sinclairs that were finally scarfed up by desperate shoppers. For a while in 1982, this store became something of a focal point for celebrities and the PC elite because it was one of the few places in the New York area where you could purchase an IBM system without an inordinate wait. Tony Gold, founder of PC Magazine, showed up one day at the store to buy systems for himself and several staffers at the magazine. Famous...

Direct Competition

Very few competitors could begin to compete on price, let alone quality. Yet many program writers thought they could emulate Microsoft's marketing. Some of them developed fine programs, but on a scale set by Microsoft, could they sell them at a profit Sadly, no. In the end, they could only sell their companies to other greenhorns who thought themselves smarter.

Find a hot button

One of the critical components to the creation of a buzzworthy online advergaming campaign is finding a cultural hotspot. A topic that is hot in the public's eye presents an ideal opportunity to create an interaction that takes the game beyond being simple entertainment for entertainment's sake. Look for an idea that a newspaper or magazine writer will drool over because it lends itself to inclusion in coverage of a topic that has been getting a lot of attention lately.A good example of a hot button and the column inches that can be generated is the Condomi 'Size Him Up' campaign discussed in Chapter 5.

Give Them More Value

If you were to hire writers to produce this content yourself it would cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. For the price of just a few monthly subscriptions, you can give all your users this incredible extra value increasing your customer retention and profits. (More details. As soon as I tell them it's going to cost money, I explain why it's great value.)


Some companies have found hiring someone to write the blog useful instead of searching for an internal writer. Doing so has some definite positives 1 Hire a professional writer or journalist, and you get someone with a fresh, curious eye, who knows how to ask questions. Sometimes longtime employees no longer recognize what makes the company really unique and special.


Scaling Techniques

In constant sum scaling, respondents are asked to assign a constant sum of units (could include points, currency, and so on) to a specific set of stimulus objects with respect to some pre-defined criterion. For example, researcher may ask the respondents to assign a number according to their perceptions of a specific stimuli object on the criteria chosen so as the total becomes 100. The attributes are scaled by counting the points assigned to each criterion by all the respondents and divided by the number of respondents. Table 5.1 below provides detailed explanation of how constant sum scaling is used in real life. The table explains respondents' preferences regarding various pre-defined criteria namely content quality, supplements, writers (columnists) involved, images used, breadth of coverage (local, regional, local and global) and advertisements. Respondents were asked to rate each criteria in such a way that the total of their responses becomes 100. Two hundred responses were...

Parts of Speech

One of the best books about writing is a short tome called The Elements of Style, but most people know it by its two authors' names Strunk and White. It contains a series of rules, essays, and exhortations about proper grammar and style, and teaches many great lessons, especially about the importance of direct and terse language. Nowhere are those lessons more valuable than on the Web. Browsing users are bombarded with far more articles than they could ever hope to read, and most of those stories are laden with superlatives and bombastic claims. Not only are we overloaded with information, but we're becoming numb to the most shocking stuff. The adjective and the adverb are the main weapons abused by the spam-headline and tabloid-style blog writers. When we looked at the parts-of-speech content of stories shared on Facebook, we found that modifiers in headlines tend to bode poorly for the performance of an article (Figure 9-7).


Having a few good screenshots of your app in action may seem fairly obvious, but it's amazing just how many bad screenshots I've encountered in the App Store and online at various developer web sites and app review blogs. Don't just run your app and take some random screenshots of the main views. The screenshots you unveil to the world should be stellar examples of your app, showing off just how much fun or productive it is to use it. If your app is a notebook-style writing tool, don't show me an empty, unused list. And don't show me a few test notes with generic titles like Note 1 or Example 1. If I'm a writer looking for a tool like that, I want to see it being utilized to its full potential. Create some authentic-looking documents inside your app's notes list, like My Novel Outline, Research for Tech Article, and Tuesday Meeting Notes. The app needs to look valuable and worthy of my purchase.


All focus group sessions were recorded and transcribed by a professional writer on staff at the health care organization as well as a member of the research team. The research team member provided a transcript within 48 hours and the professional writer worked from simultaneous tape recordings. Names and titles were withheld from all transcribed documents when given to data coders. Follow-up interviews with top management and other key users were conducted for clarification.

Magazine articles

A magazine article which puts your product or service in a favourable light is one of the most powerful selling tools known to man, or woman, for that matter. When was the last time you bought a magazine to read the ads No, people buy magazines to read the articles. If an article gives good and positive information about your product, the response can be truly unbelievable. Readers will confront your product in a 'non-ad' environment, and thus their minds will be more open to all the positive information about your product. But how do you get a magazine to publish an article about your product One way is to issue a press release to suggest an article, and hope a magazine reporter or editor agrees to write it. Another is to write an article yourself and submit it, or hire a freelance writer to write it for you. As long as you remember that the purpose of the article is to serve the interests of the magazine's reader base, you have a shot at getting your article published. Make sure...


The brainchild of minor media magnets Sean Bonner and Jason DeFillippo, brings together the collective insights and interests of several major Los Angeles-based writers. Together, they blog for and about Los Angeles, creating community and connecting far-flung residents. There are currently 20 L.A. bloggers contributing as the mood strikes them, but usually several times a week each. During any given week, the blog contains posts about upcoming events (exhibits, parades, performances), new clubs, the weather, and it is L.A. traffic.


If you've been on the Internet for a while, you've probably subscribed to a few ezines. Many ezines publishers will include an article written by a guest author. At the end of the article are a few lines of text about the author referred to as bylines or resource box. These lines of text are basically just an advertisement for the writer. The writer gives the publisher permission to publish their article, free of charge, in exchange for the publisher including the author's bylines. Another great way to promote your articles is to submit them to article announcement groups. These groups enable writers to submit their articles to an entire group of publishers, completely free.

Internal marketingo

Internal marketing is the process of encouraging employees in all functional areas to have a customer focus and do their best to help deliver a good customer experience. A number of writers, e.g. Hulbert et al. (2005) and Dunmore (2002), argue that this aspect of a marketing plan is vital if objectives are to be achieved. Much marketing activity depends on the co-operation of other functional areas within the firm and without their support many projects may not be either completed or auctioned on time. Different departments have their own plans and a prime task of senior management to co-ordinate the various plans. However, fashion marketers do have a clear interest in making sure colleagues in other functional areas understand the rationale for the marketing plan and their supporting role within it. Thus the marketing plan needs to be 'sold' within the firm before it can be fully realized.

Final Word

We have equipped ourselves completely now to create an e-Book. Right from the conception we have developed ideas ranging to commercial success. The advantages of e-Books are multifold and include low cost, low volume and excellent presentation facilities. The niche market structure helps you find subject matter for the e-Book. We find out what a select targeted segment of the market requires and then we go ahead and deliver it. An e-Book can be written using a variety of techniques. We either take expert industry opinion or use ghostwriters. The content can also be compiled from the work of authors or from public domain books.

Concept Of Planning

Though there are as many definitions of planning as there are writers on the subject, the emphasis on the future is the common thread underlying all planning theory. In practice, however, different meanings are attached to planning. A distinction is often made between a budget (a yearly program of operations) and a long-range plan. Some people consider planning as something done by


Motel 6. the nation's largest budget molel chain, was founded in t fr2 when the 6 slood lor S6 a nigtit. Alter finding its business fortunes hitting bottom in 19&6 with an occupancy rale nl only 66.7 percent. Motel 6 made a number of marketing changes. It included ttie launch Ota radro campaign of humorous

The Ad Agencys Role

Main reason outside agencies are used is that they provide the client with the services of highly skilled individuals who are specialists in their chosen fields. An advertising agency staff may include artists, writers, media analysts, researchers, and others with specific skills, knowledge, and experience who can help market the client's products or services. Many agencies specialize in a particular type of business and use their knowledge of the industry to assist their clients. For example, Mentus Inc. is an agency that specializes in integrated marketing communications for the high-technology, e-commerce, and bioscience industries (Exhibit 3-4).


Content Architecture, on page 145, talked about the importance of including primary keywords in the page components. These components include page titles, meta descriptions, and heading tags, as described below. Key to making this work within an organization is ensuring that these components can be easily changed without requiring code change or launch. The content management system or other mechanism for building content should enable marketers, content writers, and others to easily change this text.


It is extraordinarily difficult for any person or group to think beyond self-interest. Nevertheless, this is the job of the PR person to get the company or organization to think that way and to tailor the message to the media's needs and interests. Management is no better, or worse, about this than employees the writers of news than its readers. PR has the challenge of understanding and satisfying them all.