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Master of Your Domain

Also, avoid strange spellings, unless you intend to brand your artist with that spelling (such as z instead of s). Remember that words may be spelled differently outside the United States or in non-English-speaking countries. Some companies and artists like to use acronyms for the domain name (e.g., for Hollywood Stock Exchange). The problem is that most of the short acronyms are already taken. Dennis Forbes (2006) reported that all of the three-letter acronyms are taken and nearly 80 of four-letter acronyms are already registered. Less than 5 of five-letter acronyms are taken.

Choose your target languages countries

You will most likely choose English for the language and United States for the country. But you might want to add Canada, the UK and a couple of other countries. You don't want to select all countries since your ad would display in English in non-English speaking countries and you would receive few clicks. Your Click Through Rate (CTR) would go down. The higher your CTR the better. Google AdWords decides how high on the list of results to place your ad, based upon how much you bid per ad, and your CTR.

Designing for Accessibility

Although the iPhone 3GS's new VoiceOver audio feature has gained the lion's share of media attention, another important new accessibility feature is White on Black, which enables any user to change the display to white text on black backgrounds in any application. When turned on, this high-contrast feature inverts the screen's colors, making the text easier to read for some vision-impaired folks. As a developer, you should test your app's interface design in White on Black mode to ensure that it remains readable and its usability does not suffer from the inverted colors. It does not appear that the iPhone Simulator in the 3.0 SDK supports the White on Black mode, so for now you'll need to test your app on an actual iPhone 3GS device. In the Settings panel of an

Creative Tactics for Television

Audio The audio portion of a commercial includes voices, music, and sound effects. Voices are used in different ways in commercials. They may be heard through the direct presentation of a spokesperson or as a conversation among various people appearing in the commercial. A common method for presenting the audio portion of a commercial is through a voice-over, where the message is delivered or action on the screen is narrated or described by an announcer who is not visible. A trend among major advertisers is to have celebrities with distinctive voices do the voiceovers for their commercials.28 Actor Richard Dreyfuss does the voiceovers in some Honda commercials, Jeff Goldblum does Apple Computers, and mega-stars such as Ben Affleck, Renee Zelwegger, and Ashley Judd have done Diet Coke commercials.

Consumer usage of mobile CoMMuNiCATioN DEviCEs

The Pew Internet and American Life Project (2008) has also reported that as of December 2007, 62 of Americans have had some experience with mobile access for activities other than voice communication, either through mobile phones or wireless laptops. The most popular alternate use for cell phones is text messaging, with 58 of cell phone users stating they have used their device for text messaging. Equally, 58 have used their cell phones to take a picture, whereas only 17 have used their handheld device to play music and only 10 to watch a video. Of interest to the Pew researchers, nonwhites, specifically African Americans and English-speaking Hispanics, were more likely to engage in media activities other than voice phone service than their white counterparts.

Using Reference Groups

Not only do class systems differ in various parts of the world the relative sizes of the classes vary with the relative prosperity of countries. The 'diamond'-shaped classification (few people at the top and bottom with most in the middle) in Table 6.1 is typical of developed countries, although the Japanese and Scandinavian scales are flatter. In less developed countries, such as in Latin America and Africa, the structure is 'pyramid' shaped with a concentration of poor people at the base. As countries develop, their class structure moves towards the diamond shape, although there is evidence that the gap between the richest and poorest in the English-speaking countries is now widening.

The Cultural Environment

Japan Becoming Individualistic

International advertisers often have problems with language. The advertiser must know not only the native tongue of the country but also its nuances, idioms, and subtleties. International marketers must be aware of the connotations of words and symbols used in their messages and understand how advertising copy and slogans are translated. Marketers often encounter problems in translating their advertising messages and brand names into various languages. The Heineken ad in Exhibit 20-3 is one example. Although this ad worked well in the United States and other English-speaking countries, the line you don't have to make a great fuss could not be translated in a meaningful way into many other languages.

Our Top Niche Picks For 2005 And Beyond

Thanks to the Internet - and some sad but high-visibility world events - affluent folks in English-speaking nations are more curious than ever about places outside their own backyard. world events -affluent folks in English-speaking nations are more curious than ever about places outside their own backyard.

Little Things Matter

If the product is to be marketed in the United States, use American-English spellings for other English-speaking markets, use world English-English. The differences are subtle and few. The American spellings were created for phonetic consistency by Noah Webster in 1783 (The American Spelling Book 260 impressions from 1783-1843). In the intervening 200 years, we have grown to recognize both spellings. If you can't run to two print runs, use the localization for which you believe most of the product will be sold.

Meoiamark Research

Mediamark Research interviews 26,000 Americans in thei' homes nn Hie kinds of media they use. the brands and products they use. arid their attitudes toward topics such as sports aiirt ponies. Up untfl 2*102. however. lite company had tended to exclude non-English-speaking Hispamcs Irom Ihe research. As ihe Hispanic population increased in numbers and buying power, Itie company recognised that it cotild no longer afford this limltlltfl and potentially biased approach. Mediamark recruited a iimgttal traveling task forte so lhat when interviewers come to a Hispanic household, residents can answer Ihe survey in Englisti or Spanish, they also are creating a more sejimJess interviewing database by askmg the same cueslinns to all people no matter what language they speak and what level of acculturaiion they have.11

Bechtel Corporation

Arc there countries that meet ilechtel.'s requirements Although Singapore has an educated, English-speaking labor force, basks in political stability, and encourages foreign investment, it has a small population. Although many countries in central Europe possess an eager, hungry-lo-leam labor pool, their infrastructures.creatc difficulties. The team evaluating a new market must determine whether the company could cnjXi enough on iis Investment to cover the risk factors or other negatives,2'

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