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This is similar to buying a 30-second ad slot in a television programme, or buying hoardings at a sporting event - except that the medium is a computer game that plays on one of the popular platforms such as Xbox, PS2, or PC. By riding on the back of the game, advertisers can get their message out to a target audience.

Buzz is often created, especially if there is a topical link in the real world. For example, FIFA's branding can be found on the promotional hoardings featured in the computer game FIFA 2006, which in the run-up to the football World Cup 2006, will be the focus of a great deal of gameplay and buzz. Other less topical examples include the McDonald's brand being featured in The Sims. This technique is still capable of generating some buzz, but on a limited scale (there will be some kudos attached to eating at McDonald's in The Sims, so it is likely to be talked about).

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