Conclusion the future of blog marketing

Is blog marketing just a passing fad in the faddish world of marketing, or is it more significant, representing a structural change in how businesses connect with their markets? It's too early to tell - but we think blog marketing will have an increasingly important role to play in marketing over the next few years. Why? Because blog marketing helps marketers replace monologue with dialogue, interruption with engagement, and control with collaboration.

Blogs represent a watershed in the democratization of media production - empowering ordinary people to become media producers, not just media users. With network communication technology evolving so fast, it will not be long before blogs can rival traditional media in terms of multimedia experience. Already we are seeing the rise of 'audioblogs' (aka 'podcasts', so called because they can be downloaded onto Apple's ubiquitous iPod) and 'vlogging' (video blogging) that involve, respectively, publishing audio and video diaries online.And then there is 'moblogging', the new trend of on-the-go blogging from mobile phones. Perhaps we can envisage a time in the not-too-distant future when blogs will become fully fledged 'personal communication channels' that compete with traditional media channels by offering constantly updated streaming content. If communication theorists are right in insisting that power lies not, as Marx suggested, in the ownership of the means of production, but in the ownership of the means of communication, then blogs are the writing on the wall for the old command and control dogma of traditional interruptive marketing.

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