Higher return and higher security are two strong arguments to use with FSBOs

However, you should approach FSBOs very carefully. Some may be selling their homes themselves because they do not like real estate agents. To get their attention, you might tell them that you have buyers you have been unable to help and and ask to send those buyers to them. That will allow you to suggest that it would be helpful for you to look at their property so that you will know which buyers to send. (For more detailed suggestions on how to win over FSBOs, see Hamilton.8)

If you are able to visit a FSBO, they will likely be very sensitive to any attempt by you to try to persuade them to let you represent them. A low-key approach is called for. Leave your briefcase in your car, and make it clear that you are just taking a quick look. Do not try to persuade them to list with you on your visit to "look around."Do stay in touch with them and be there if and when they finally decide they need to work with a real estate agent.

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