Business Objectives

If you are a small business entrepreneur, you have expectations about what you would like to earn. These objectives may be simply to earn more than you can in another profession or they may be based on the type of life style you wish to enjoy. Whatever their basis, you need to write them down—year by year. Then you can translate those earnings objectives into the amount of commercial transactions you would need to achieve them—year by year. That will help you evaluate whether this business is promising for you.


Service and expertise comprise the heart of positioning for most real estate agents. You need to decide what type of service you will provide and why you can provide it at a higher level of performance than your competitors. Dimensions of service include how you understand customers ' needs, how you find properties that meet their needs, how you respond to their problems, and how accessible you are. Expertise depends on what you need to know to help them sell, buy, lease, manage, or develop properties. As in any business, your positioning should set you apart from the other agents and brokers. Your financial analyses may be the most accurate or your marketing to tenants may be the most effective. Once your positioning is determined, it should be proclaimed in all your communications and in all your actions.

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