Advertising Objectives

The objectives of an advertising strategy are what you would like the customer to do, think, or feel as a result of the advertising. Advertising objectives include both action objectives for your target customers, such as trying the product or repurchasing the product, and intermediate objectives, such as awareness or preference (Exhibit 19.2). Advertising objectives are not the same as the business objectives in your product/market strategy such as market share or profitability, but they need to be supportive of and consistent with those business objectives.

Exhibit 19.1 Advertising Strategy Components

Advertising Objectives

Source: "Arrow Guide—Advertising Decisions," The Arrow Group, Ltd., New York, NY, 2008. Used here with permission.

Exhibit 19.2 Communications Objectives—Intermediate and Action

Intermediate Objectives

Action Objectives

Product trial Brand trial Brand shift Repurchase Increase usage Model shift

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