You still login to the 5P Club httpssecuresitesellcom5pillarclub

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And you still use the username and password that you received in the Site Build It! is Ready for You! e-mail to log into Site Build It!.

And you still click on the Site Build It! link or choose Site Build It! by left-clicking-and-holding on the QUICK JUMP drop-down menu...



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Modify vour i Pill»' rrgliTr-»boi» dat-j.

Site Build III

TK* ultirriitA jii* building tool.

Whichever way you choose Site Build It!, you will arrive directly into Site Central from now on, with the entire Mission Control at your beck and call.

This remains the way you login until you have a second Site Build It! site. If you have multiple SBI! domains, you'll be taken to the Choose Your Domain page after you login. Select your domain from the drop-down menu, like this..._

Site Build It!

Choose Your Domain

Wlilcli site are you working on today, Undo?

Chooso one of your domains from the dray-down menu below, Then click on the Bvlffl Iti button. p-IHrpaqp.-ram

J ebFzdmes-a vers,cam tiirflfjtpfrafns-rnjn

PuMI It!

Click Build It! after your choose your domain. You will arrive directly into Site Central for your chosen domain.

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