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If you want to leverage your profits, as well as reduce the frustration of money and time wasted on not-so-profitable marketing techniques (such as cold calling or banner ads), then referral marketing is worth considering as a "buzz" strategy. Referral marketing sets into motion a...

..."this-is-the-person-you-should-get-to-do-the-job-visit-his-site" type of buzz...

... that creates a steady stream of prospects and clients to your Web doorstep.

Referral-generated visitors tend to readily follow "leads" or recommendations made by people they know and trust. In their minds, a good chunk of the "screening" process has already been done for them. If their relatives, friends, neighbors, colleagues or anyone else that they highly respect likes you, then you must be suitable and trust-worthy. As a result, most will arrive at your site less guarded, sporting a more "open-to-hire" attitude than a non-referred visitor who finds you by her own means.

It goes without saying that the quickest and easiest marketing method you can use to dramatically increase your company's bottom line is to attract targeted prospects who are already "PREsold" on you and your services. Referral-generated clients are a cost-efficient, profitable, and loyal source of new business. They also tend to contact you quicker, negotiate less, be repeat clients, and refer more business to you.

Let's see how your business can take advantage of this profitable opportunity...

A steady stream of referrals does not just happen -- magically, out of thin air. But that's not to say that referral marketing is complicated -- the process is simple and very doable. Amazingly, few companies realize the upside potential. Perhaps that's because very few understand how referral marketing really works.

Generating referrals does not mean walking up to personal contacts, present clients or other non-competing service sellers and asking ...

"Do you have anyone to recommend to me?"

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