Realize the following Site Build Its programming jams all the blocks together without any spaces or carriage returns

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This gives you total flexibility. For example if you wanted to put a link inside a paragraph like this, you'd do it by using a Text Block (containing the text before the link), then a Text Link Block (with the text that should appear as blue and underlined), then another Text Block (containing the text after the link). As a matter of fact, that's exactly how you would create this paragraph!

Since Site Build It! naturally jams the blocks all together, you need a way to separate them. Use Line Break Blocks -- they create the "carriage returns" that you need to create vertical breathing space between blocks. You can enter between 1-5 line breaks at a time, creating as much vertical spacing as you need.

HTML spacing tip -- if you want to create some extra horizontal space between words in text, you will notice that you cannot just type extra spaces between them. For example, if you entered the following into a Text Block...

"extra space between words"

A browser would show it like this...

"extra space between words"

(This is a normal feature of HTML, not a Site Build It! bug.)

Instead, enter this...

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