Load up the Graphic and Link Libraries now

3) Tracker Library -- This is a library of links that are OFF of your site, not on. While the links in your Link Library send traffic out of your site, these bring traffic in. Click on the online help for more details, but the bottom line is this...

When I show you the wonders of the Click Analysis tool, you'll see that...

The Link Library enables us to track the performance of outgoing links (which generate INCOME)... the Tracker Library lets us track incoming links (which cost us the EXPENSE of time and/or money). The Tracking Library empowers us to build upon our successful promotional efforts, and to cancel the duds.

This library is structured in the same way. The first tool builds the library...

This library is structured in the same way. The first tool builds the library...

First, enter the URL where the visitor will ultimately arrive. Next, give the link a name for easy identification (choose a name that will remind you easily). Finally, enter a special tracking word -- the Tracker programing adds this word to the end of a special URL. That's what allows Tracker to do its stuff!

Scroll a bit further down, where you'll see...

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This second tool lets us work with the links. Again, it's pretty self-explanatory -- you can delete or modify any link. Click the Copy button to copy the Tracking URL into your clipboard. This is the one that you will enter.

Important tip ^ Enter the Tracking Links only as you need them. Great ideas include...

1) Track each Pay-Per-Click... Overture, Bay9, FindWhat, etc. Some users have reported greatly differing returns. Another way to do this is to set up a special version of an existing page exclusively for Overture.com. Or do both!

If you do both, you'll know how many visitors clicked in from your listings at Overture -- and as you will see when we reach the traffic sections, you will also be able to see how many visitors to your "dedicated-for-Overture page" actually clicked through to your merchants.

2) Track your return on buying ads in e-zines or Search Engines.

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