Submit Your URLs

Submitting your site to the engines is a necessary task. If you wait for a SE's spiders to find and index your entire site, you could wait forever. Submission hastens the entire listing process along, and guarantees your site doesn't get lost "between the cracks." Result? You gain maximum and controlled exposure.


SBI!'s World Submitter automatically submits your pages to each SE exactly the way it likes to receive submissions. Better yet, it monitors submitted pages for a spider visit. If a spider does not arrive within an acceptable length of time, the page is queued for resubmission. This ensures you never run afoul of an SE's submission policies and keeps you from being banned.

But World Submitter doesn't stop there. Once a page is listed, World Submitter monitors that page to ensure it remains in an SE's index. Should your page be dropped, that page is queued for resubmission. Talk about putting your SE traffic-building strategy on autopilot!

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