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OK, onwards and upwards. Got your DEMAND WINDOW ready? Here are some of the most common keywords that Web surfers search upon that contain the word "exercise" at Yahoo! Search (at the time of writing).

176154 exercise equipment 29006 exercise bike 24922 exercise ball 19918 the firm exercise 14391 exercise program 20679 exercise fitness 13232 exercise machine

The number in the left column is the number of times that each keyword was searched in the preceding month at Yahoo!. In a sense, it's an indication of the DEMAND (by your potential visitors) for each keyword that contains the keyword "exercise."

You may need to perform a few keyword searches to find the best grouping of specific keywords that relate to your site. For instance, you already tried doing a search for the keyword "fitness." This returned a ton of listings but 98% of them were too general or too difficult to "tie-in" to your personal training service in a natural way.

The keyword "exercise" is much better! It came up with new keywords that are more in line with what you are hoping to achieve online -- there's a natural "tie-in" (or relationship) to your service and expertise, as well as the opportunity for additional income.

For example, you could target the keyword phrase "ab exercise" (the 4th most popular keyword on the list) and write a great article about the relationship between strong abdominal muscles and a pain-free healthy back, important injury-prevention knowledge to have as people age.

As a certified personal trainer, your credibility is already established. Your well-written, well-researched article cements that credibility. Your visitors will be interested to see what else you do or offer. And when you recommend a book, video, or exercise machine, your visitor is more likely to heed your advice and make a purchase...


SPECIAL NOTE: Every visitor receives an "in-context" PREsell message about your service on your Web page but more than likely, only those within a one hour driving radius of you will convert from visitor to client status.

However, all visitors can potentially earn you income, no matter where they live, if you are an affiliate of related, non-competing merchants. And that's the best part. You can expand your base far beyond those select visitors who are searching for "personal trainer" close by to their home.

As I mentioned earlier, using "exercise" as the overall starting theme is fine, but it's far too general to be anything more than a guide. It's such a massive and all-encompassing theme that you would not be able to build a site that covered it all.

You need to narrow your theme in a profitable direction. So let's stay with "abdominal exercise."


You may have noticed that all words are singular. Yahoo! Search does not differentiate between the plural and singular forms of things. If you do a query for "abdominal exercises" or "abdominal exercise," you get the same results...

19,363 ab exercise

That "19,363" is a combination of all the searches that were done for "ab exercise" and "ab exercises" at Yahoo! during the previous month.

Only one problem... what if 19,360 of those 19,363 searches were for "ab exercise"? There would not be much point in making a wonderful Web page about "ab exercises" (plural), would there? After all, no one would be searching for "ab exercises," if that were the case.

Usually, your instincts will tell you which version is the most popular. In other words, you should be able to see that far more people will search for "abdominal exercise" than for "abdominal exercises." Not sure?...

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