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Of course, you also have to consider...

• whether this different direction excites you as much, and "fits" as nicely with your service.

• the nature of the kind of customer who will search for your keywords. Make sure that you aren't marketing to a personality type that is hard to convert, no matter what you do... ex., the "freebie-seeking tire-kicker" or the "marketing-phobic tech-type."

You want to attract a personality that is open-to-hire. In other words, you want people who will either hire you, or buy something from your merchant partners after reading your excellent content.

Here's the whole point of DAY 5...

Take your time on the concept and the domain name -- the choice you make here will literally make or break your online success results. Remember what

Danny De Vito said in "The Renaissance Man"... ***************************************************

"The choices we make dictate the lives we lead."


Your service, topics you know and love... combine to present you with excellent profitability!

If I had to summarize the entire Service Sellers Masters Course into just two lines, it would be the two you just read...


Your service™ topics you know and love™

combine to present you with excellent profitability!


Congratulations! You're ready to start building.

Before proceeding to DAY 6, please complete your DAY 5 Goal-of-the-DAY, and take note of your Ongoing Goal...

Ongoing Goal... Now that you have found your perfect, "just right" Site Concept, consider the bigger picture. When you "finish" this, your first site, will you broaden the concept until you have your own mini-portal? Or will you start a second, unrelated site?

All the necessary prep work for your on-line service site is finished. You finalized and registered your domain. Your foundation is secure.

Get ready to build your site. We're going back to Content C where it all begins.

Build a Site That Gets the CLICK! was NOT built in a day!

Yes, finally! We're ready to start building! Let's just take a look back at what we've done.

• examined PREselling and its effect on Conversion Rates (DAY 1)

• identified a potential niche concept (DAY 2)

• brainstormed a list of profitable keywords (DAY 3)

• researched quality affiliate programs and other income streams (DAY 4).

• chosen a domain name that reflects your VPP (DAY 5).

Impressive work! You truly do have a rock-solid foundation to build upon.

During DAY 6, you will create a structure for your site. This is where you start the C ^ T ^ P ^ M snowball rolling by writing content designed to "get the click!" Let the construction begin!

Goal-of-the-DAY... Build a home page, and one TIER 2 Keyword-Focused Content Page.

Don't know HTML? Intimidated by FTP and other Web technologies? Relax. Site Build It!'s "through-the-browser" site-building tools can help both the seasoned pro and the complete "newbie" build a vibrant and profitable online business easily!

Keep the goal in mind as you.

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