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Here is my partial list.

fitness gym exercises workout weights workouts bowflex weider aerobics weightlifting bodybuilding programs

You can use these words in two ways...

1) Use the ones that fit your site concept "as is" to create more Keyword-Focused Content Pages, (ex., a Web page about "flat abs"). Add these to your MASTER KEYWORD LIST and complete the DEMAND, SUPPLY, SUPPLY SITES, POSSIBLE PARTNERS, and IDEAS for CONTENT columns for each one.

2) Extract "General Keywords," like "weight training." Feed these exercise-related "concept-level" words back into your DEMAND (#1) and SUPPLY (#2) WINDOWS to brainstorm and prune a whole new series of HIGH-

PROFITABILITY keywords that may help shape your site's theme.

Add these to your MASTER KEYWORD LIST, too. (Or start a new MASTER KEYWORD LIST for any "concept-level" keyword that is different-and-strong enough to stand as a separate site.)

For example, "weight training" generates...

7150 weight training program

4687 weight training exercise

4576 weight training for woman

3238 weight training routine

2259 weight training equipment

1527 weight training for child

1519 free weight training program

1439 strength training weight

1388 information training weight

1384 program training weight workout

1357 man weight training

1240 weight training picture <snipped >

So "weight training" related keywords would be excellent to investigate and possibly target, especially since they fit nicely with your "exercise" theme, and allow you to provide the credibility-building content that PREsells your service. In other words...

If you discover enough keyword opportunities within the "weight training" theme, then maybe it will make the perfect "niched" theme site for your personal training service.

You can "BREAKOUT" of every possible theme if you use your imagination and Search It!

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