Identify Possible Themes To Compliment Your Service

If you're going to promote your service and expand your customer base using the Net, potential clients have to be able to find you quickly and easily and be able to trust you.

But simply finding you is not enough...

They have to find you in a confidence-boosting manner. An endorsement from a valued friend or colleague, or a top ranking position for a keyword search on a Search Engine, or a referral from a strategic partner are the types of "leads" that boost your credibility.


Contrast that with people who hear about your business via SPAM, FFA pages, exit pop-ups, and numerous other means. They have much less confidence in the quality of your service.

These visitors arrive with their collective guard up, wondering... "If this service is so great, would it really have to resort to such means to promote it?"

Result? A terrible Conversion Rate.

Once a visitor finds you, the content on your site must cement that confidence by providing high-value, benefit-focused info -- exactly what your prospective client is looking for, wants and needs.

A visitor must find you in a credible fashion. And then you and your service must be perceived as being trust-worthy before she will be confident enough to contact or hire you.

In DAY 2, we will do the groundwork for building a site that is "easy-to-find" on the Net -- a Theme-Based Content Site that works with the Search Engines so that you can achieve a "Top Ten" position in their search results. (Most surfers don't have the patience to research past that point. It's a big Web out there, with lots of sites to explore!)

Your first action step is to discover the best "theme" that correlates with your service. Then narrow it down as tightly as possible so that you attract only the people who would be interested in your service and your secondary monetization offerings.

Suppose, for instance, you are a personal trainer. Offline, you could simply promote your service as "Kyle Brown, Personal Trainer" and use ads in the local newspaper, business cards and friends' recommendations to create a buzz around your service.

Unfortunately, online, words like "exercise" for your site's theme and "personal trainer" for your service are much too general to make any impact in the Search Engine world. There are thousands of different kinds of exercise and thousands of different trainers... Where do you fit in? If you are not able to be more specific, you might as well take a number and join the long line to nowhere.

These two keywords, however, would probably be sufficient if you were creating a site only for visitors who already know or have heard about you (i.e., your existing clients or people in your region who have seen your offline promotions).

But if you're hoping to use an online presence to expand your client base in and beyond your immediate locale (and create a second income stream), the people who don't know you have to find you first... and the majority will come to you via keyword searches at the Search Engines (SEs).


Realistically, a certain number of visitors to your site are not ever going to become clients. However, there's no need to waste this traffic!

1) Create an e-book on a topic related to your service.

2) Join affiliate programs of non-competing (but related to your service) merchants and recommend their products. PREsell effectively and earn a commission on every sale your merchants make as a result of your referrals. A satisfactory outcome for your visitor and for you!

3) Sign up for Google's AdSense and make money when visitors click away from your site.

4) Refer your visitors to related but non-competing services and collect a fee for the referral.

There are many ways to monetize visitors to your site.

The key to attracting targeted visitors to your site is to take your general service theme and narrow it down to a tight niche, which is what SEs like. Using that focus, you can pinpoint theme-related keywords that will interest a particular group of visitors and pull them to your site. This interest qualifies these surfers as potential customers for your service (i.e., your target group).


Before I forget, there is a quick way to make a general keyword more specific. For example, you could use "personal trainer" + "the name of the city or communities you serve." That way, if someone searches for...

"personal trainer" + "Chicago"

... your site will come up. And that's good, because only qualified people in Chicago will perform this search -- prospective clients in your area.

Does all this sound a little complicated? Don't panic. Creating a Theme-Based Content Site is very do-able, no matter what level of Net experience you have.

Let's begin at ground level -- identifying your theme. You have three ways to approach this...

OPTION #1 -- Narrow the theme to reflect the true nature of your business. (To illustrate this, you will be an advertising consultant.)

i) Identify your main clientele (budget-minded small businesses)... and your main service (low cost, highly effective advertising solutions).

ii) Pinpoint the major solution your service provides or the problem it solves (provides clients with high-exposure for reasonable cost).

iii) Condense this information into a single sentence...

"Low cost advertising solutions for budget-minded small businesses!" 5/DEBAK

This type of exercise will be useful when you create your VPP (Valuable PREselling Proposition). A VPP is a short statement that highlights and makes you stand out from the crowd (in your area of expertise). We'll examine this concept more closely later on in the course.

Another example to illustrate how to identify your service theme? Sure. This time you are a personal trainer but the steps remain the same...

i) Identify your main clientele (pregnant women who want to remain fit throughout pregnancy) and your main service (individualized nutrition plan and a gentle stretching exercise program that is customized to how the woman is carrying the baby throughout her pregnancy).

ii) Pinpoint the major solution your service provides or the problem it solves (keeps women fit, flexible and well-rested through the third trimester of pregnancy).

iii) Condense this information into a single sentence... "Keeping pregnant woman fit and flexible through the third trimester of pregnancy!"

See how this theme is much more focused than "fitness trainer?"

OPTION #2 -- Narrow the theme to effectively target a particular segment of your market.

We're back to the advertising example. Even if your advertising consulting business does provide a wide range of services to a wide range of customers, you'll still need to narrow your theme if you intend to attain success within the framework of the Net. Remember, Search Engines like tightly focused sites and show their pleasure by giving these types of sites higher positions/ranking on the search results pages.

With this in mind, you decide to focus on providing solutions to budget-minded small businesses. Watch the evolution of this theme as it tightens...

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