If an on-line store is in your future, you will want to consider Store Build It!.

Store Build It! combines ShopSite's excellent shopping cart/e-store software with SBI!, creating the best store solution on the Net. Some of the integration features include.

1) Built-in source of traffic delivered to your store via NavBar button integration

2) Own subdomain (slick differentiation of this major new division of your site)

3) Home page submission to major Search Engines

4) Easy pop-ups of content pages that both deliver more information or detailed photos AND attract more traffic

5) Complete retention of SBI! Look and Feel from home page to product pages to shopping cart, even to order page. automatically!

6) Separate customer mailing list -- to be able to reach your most valued visitors of all. the customer!

7) Numerous other seamless fits/improvements (ex., privacy and guarantee templates, CVV, help footers, etc., etc.)

Store Build It! (StBI!) also provides invaluable guidance through its "1-2-3 Action Guide" and additional resource books, "Make Your Store Sell!" and "Managing Your Store After the Sale." For more information, please see.

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Super SEO GuideBook

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