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2) Rent an opt-in list. Some reputable companies build and manage huge opt-in lists that are divided up according to interests, demographics, and so on. You can rent a list (or a portion of a list) in order to place an ad. The only caveat for advertising in this manner is that you must be very selective in choosing a company to do business with -- otherwise there's a very real possibility that you will be guilty of spamming some or perhaps all of the recipients.

Some of the better services include...

Email Copy Blueprint

Email Copy Blueprint

What markets will this process work for? Just about any market or niche. As in, weight loss, dog training, golf, dating, horticulture, home improvement or anything else. Including of course, the Internet marketingmake money online market and its various niches. How Do Email Marketers Usually Try to Maximize ROI? Broadly speaking, there are a couple of different ways people try to squeeze the maximum money out of their email lists andor traffic in general, whether free or paid.

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