Out of every 100 visitors to your site, it's likely that only a small percentage will follow through and contact/hire you for your professional service. The others? Well, maybe they have slightly different needs. Perhaps they are looking for a lower-cost option or they are "just looking, thanks." There could be any number of reasons that a visitor may not be an ideal candidate for your service.

You could, if you wished, let those visitors proceed merrily on their way. But why would you? After all, you worked very hard to get them to your site, right? So why not make recommendations for niche-related, non-competing products and/or services that may be more suited to the needs of those visitors?

That way, your traffic is not wasted. Instead, it supports an additional revenue stream.

But there's another bonus...

By offering links to non-competitive sites that provide solutions for your visitors, your site becomes an even more valuable resource. This is doubly true if your service is locally based and unlikely to be of interest to anyone outside of an hour's drive of your office.


If, for some reason, the nature of your service precludes this second income stream, or this concept does not fit what you are trying to accomplish on the Net, take a break! Skip ahead to DAY 5.

Here's today's mission (should you choose to accept it)...

Grow a list of good merchants with affiliate programs that have product lines that fit your service. Then we'll choose the best ones and group them according to HIGH-PROFITABILITY keywords.

Yes, you already started this process on DAY 3 by using Search It! to build groups of POSSIBLE PARTNERS for each keyword in your MASTER KEYWORD LIST. However, DAY 3 was more focused upon getting good ideas for content and a feel for your market space (DEMAND, SUPPLY, SUPPLY SITE INFO).

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Instant Keyword Riches

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