To prevent spamming and/or to prevent people from giving other people's names and addresses without consent, use the "double opt-in" approach, your visitor must confirm her subscription.

Here's how the SBI! double-opt-in system works...

The potential subscriber receives a "Request for Confirmation" e-mail after signing up on your site. Within the body of this e-mail, the subscriber clicks on a link that will officially add her name to the Opt-In E-zine Address List. (And at the same time, SBI! notes whether to send the e-zine to the subscriber in text or HTML, depending on your subscriber's specific e-mail software.)

Although adopting a double opt-in policy means you will grow your list slightly more slowly than a marketer using the single opt-in approach, there are several reasons why it is smart to adopt such a strategy...

1) A double opt-in policy builds a truly qualified, high value list. Do not be concerned about losing a few subscribers. The confirmation step ensures that your subscribers are interested in you and your product or service.

2) A double opt-in policy establishes your credibility with the subscriber, and emphasizes the value of your publication. It's a great way to demonstrate that you are not simply paying lip service to a SPAM policy, but have taken concrete steps to prevent it.

3) As SPAM continues to increase in volume, so does the average surfer's intolerance for it. A double opt-in policy lowers the risk of being reported to a SPAM policing server by an overzealous surfer.

4) SBI! also gives a visitor who does not want to be a subscriber the ability to "blacklist" an e-zine so that she won't receive a confirmation request again. The link is found within the confirmation e-mail. (This decision is reversible at any time -- how-to instructions are included, too). This prevents the malicious from signing up someone over and over again just to cause you trouble.

The value of a qualified subscriber's list? Priceless -- no MasterCard can buy that!

The example above explains the SBI! system. Remember that if you are a client of SBI!, the Mail Out Manager is free.

There are other systems.

You can go the free route, or you can pay for list hosting (services that take care of all the technology of e-zine publishing).

As usual, I recommend that you use a paid service because nothing's really free. Yahoo!Groups does a great, and free, job...

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