DAY 9 Build Traffic Through Relationships

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Big shots are only little shots who kept shooting. --Christopher Morley (1880-1957)

You have a solid traffic base. Now keep those visitors coming back for more by going back to the beginning... to content C the content in e-zines and other special publications.

Goal-of-the-DAY... Create your own e-zine. Set up the framework (name, template, and mailing list) and write a sales page for your site.

While you are waiting for the traffic to your site to build, look ahead and PREpare...

Even when you do have good first-time traffic, realize that most people don't come back over and over again to most sites. It's nothing personal. It's simply a big Web out there... and visitors figure that they might as well see something new! So, unless the very nature of your site naturally tends to generate frequent, repeat visits, your customer is in "now or never" mode.

So the question is... how do you reach her again and again, after she leaves?...

... because the repeat visitor is much more likely to trust you than the first-timer.

You need a Backup Response, an alternative, to offer. A good Backup Response must...

• deliver a benefit to your visitor at a "no-brainer" price (free is best), and...

• provide you with an ongoing opportunity to remind your customer about you and your service or the merchant-partners that you represent.

Sooner or later, a healthy percentage of those who trigger your Backup Response will deliver your MWR -- a sale or a contract, depending on your situation. Why? Because you're building a quality, long term, repeated exposure, one-to-one relationship with your visitor/customer.

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