Click Through Analysis

Before we go further, let's talk about two different kinds of links...

• off-site links that bring traffic in to you

• on-site links that send traffic out.

Off-site links do not appear on your Web site. People will not actually click upon these links while they are on your site. Rather, your potential visitors see these links off of your site... in e-zine ads, or offline print ads, in flyers that you distribute at trade or hobby conventions, or in your sig file (at the end of your email). And they'll use these links to come into your site.

Since you spend time and/or money on these traffic-building activities, you need a way to measure this, to track which off-site promotions are working, and which are not. Once you know which of your expense-generating activities work and which ones don't... you know where to spend your promotional time and money! And where to stop! You build upon your successes and fix your weaknesses.

Let's contrast that with on-site links...

On-site links appear on your site, and send visitors out of that page. These links all go to income-generating sites (merchant-partners via affiliate programs, or your own online stores or to the page with your contact form). In other words, on-site links generate income.

So how do we track these two kinds of links?...

It all boils down to this. We track how to best spend our traffic-building time and money via Click IN Analysis. We track what's generating income by Click Through Analysis.

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