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The most common Backup Response on the Web is the e-zine, an e-mailed newsletter. Once you have some decent numbers, it takes only a day to get an e-zine up and running.

Provide good content, keep PREselling, and you'll succeed at building long-lasting visitor-to-client relationships.

A newsletter prevents the familiar "out of site (ahem!), out of mind" scenario by allowing you to stay on your client's radar with regular contact. And, more importantly...

It builds the trust that is so necessary to convert a visitor/subscriber into a paying client. Trust, trust, and more trust -- it's critical in the service-selling industry. Your newsletter is the conduit with which you will establish your credibility, culture relationships, and convert subscribers into paying clients. For you, publishing a quality newsletter is not an option.


You build your whole site with your MWR (i.e., getting a visitor to contact you to inquire about your service or hire you) constantly in mind. But you also must realize that only a small percentage of visitors will actually deliver your MWR during a first visit.

So set up your Backup Response -- a subscription to your e-zine. Building a sense of community and trust by nurturing a great relationship with customers is the goal of a newsletter. There's just no better way to keep in touch with them on a regular basis. Every time your potential customer receives a new issue, you...

• remind her about you and your service

• develop a relationship

• build credibility

• promote your services or partner merchants' products

• build your image as an expert in the field.

What percentage of visitors can you realistically expect to turn into subscribers to your newsletter? That's a very difficult question to answer since it depends on so many factors...

• The type of audience your site attracts -- are you appealing to Web-savvy professionals, or Internet newbies? Newbies are generally information-gatherers who want to learn as much as they can as soon as they can. The more savvy user is fairly selective in her reading choices.

• The nature of your service -- providing a very specialized service? Or a more general/common one?

• Your site's topic or focus -- is it a very targeted narrow niche? Or are there hundreds of sites with similar themes? In other words, if you are providing a source of information your visitor is unlikely to find anywhere else, she's more apt to subscribe. On the other hand, if you're targeting a competitive niche, you'll have to work harder at building a subscribers list.

• Your visitor's first impression of your Web site. A positive impression creates an open mindset, one that is willing to explore to learn more.

• The quality and content of your page copy, and your site in general. If you write poorly on your site, a visitor will assume that your e-zine is junk as well.

• The persuasiveness of your subscriber campaign -- are you "selling" the benefits of signing-up clearly and frequently enough? Provide your visitor with lots of opportunities to subscribe. If she sees your subscription form only once, the impact is minimal and the chances are high that it won't even register on her mind.

In fact, the percentage of visitors that readily convert into newsletter subscribers can vary greatly -- from less than half a percent, all the way up to 5 percent. Today on the Net, building a substantial newsletter e-mail address list takes time and perseverance.

Don't let that discourage you -- newsletter lists are famous for snowballing quickly. Quality publications generate interest, recognition, and best of all, referrals. And a small, quality list wins hands-down over a large low-quality list where 75% of the subscribers never even look at their newsletters. Size is relative.

Focus on quality, and your list will build itself.

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