Personal factors

The individual characteristics of each decision maker and participant in industrial purchasing groups must also be very carefully taken into account. The personal factors for consumer good purchases also play an important role in industrial purchasing.

However, different studies show that the intangible characteristics of the solution (the supplier's credibility, service, and long-term commitment to support the product) matter more than its physical characteristics (for example, performance and speed) when the minimum performance level has been reached.

The importance of psychological factors is still too often neglected in the industrial high-tech product sector. The marketing department's explication can often be of considerable help to the sales force and lead them to a better understanding of the representatives.

However, there is often a tendency to focus on the functional characteristics of the product instead of on the needs that should be satisfied. As we will see later, experience shows that many buyers are often dazzled by the complexity of the technology and choose the solution that reassures them the most.

The marketing department must therefore carefully analyze the importance of different purchasing factors and take these factors into account during all product stages from design, to introduction to the market, and to further development.

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