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General news publications that can be used to communicate high-technology products are generally news magazines (Time, Newsweek, and The Economist). Their readers fit an "executive" profile and are sensitive to the innovation and prestige of a technology. These periodicals can reach users such as technical and financial decision makers. Marketers can also use daily and local newspapers that are geared toward the same type of readers. For instance, in 2002, AT&T Wireless spend $328 million, one-third of its total advertising budget and 16% more than the previous year, into local newspapers while Microsoft preferred to advertise in magazines, for more than $150 million.

Nevertheless, the style of news magazines makes technical advertising for a product inefficient. In these magazines, pictorial advertising for corporate advertising campaigns is more appropriate. The same holds true for the general economic press (for example, Business Week and The Financial Times), which targets senior executives. On the other hand, the business press (for example, Forbes and Fortune), which is more concentrated on management, allows certain product-advertising campaigns, provided they are speaking the customer's language and not imposing a technical view.

A particular segmentation and positioning can lead to the selection of specific publications. For instance, Xerox places advertising inserts in women's magazines because it assumes that doing so is a means of reaching secretaries; secretaries are often influential decision makers in purchases of sophisticated office equipment (such as color monitor microcomputers, laser printers, or intelligent photocopiers).

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