High Converting Squeeze Pages

Squeeze Page Optimization Tactics

Squeeze Page Optimization Tactics

Within this guide you will learn the following Use multiple squeeze pages, Target top keywords, Research and incorporate it into your page, Build customer confidence, Avoid being too flashy, Don't exaggerate, Make the customer feel secure and safe, Keep it simple, State the purpose, Offer an incentive, Follow through on what you say, Be honest, Have a strategy, Have a target market, Make your headline grab attention and much more.

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Introduction to Squeeze Pages

Some of you may find yourself asking, Well, what in the world IS a squeeze page, exactly Let's go ahead and take a look at the definition for it so we know we're all on the same page here. Squeeze pages are landing pages that are created solely to act as an opt-in for information - primarily email addresses - for potential subscribers. You can see an example of a squeeze page below

Landing pages and microsites

Don't focus solely on the e-mail when trying to maximise response - remember that the quality of the landing page(s) or microsite also affects the success of your e-mail campaign. Completion rate on landing page ( ) the percentage of the recipients who clickthrough that go on to complete form. Conversion rate to action direct marketing campaigns are always aimed at achieving a response. Those that complete the landing page have responded, but we often have an additional aim, which is to convert this response into an action or a marketing outcome. Such outcomes include gaining a customer through achieving an initial sale or a repeat sale. To achieve these outcomes there will often need to be a follow-up. For example, a sales representative who has used e-mail marketing to gain a qualified lead will aim to convert the recipient into a customer. This could be achieved through follow-up e-mails combined with phone-calls and meetings.

Constructing Effective Mobile Landing Pages

In some cases, it may be advantageous to create separate landing pages for your ads instead of simply landing the visitors on existing pages on your site. This allows you to tailor the message specifically to the ad that the user was interested in. Your landing page should further promote the offer and explain how it can be redeemed. Landing pages should also be linked back to your mobile site so users can become more familiar with your mobile content after they take advantage of the offer. Tests should be run before and after a campaign launches to ensure that the ads are being displayed correctly and tracked appropriately. It is also important to test your landing pages. As with testing a mobile website, it can be quite complicated to ensure that your advertisement will work perfectly on every browser, handset, and carrier combination. Tools are available to help you do this Chapter 10, Mobile Website Development, covers them more completely. If you determine that your ads or...

The Who What When Where Why of Landing Pages LP

WHAT A page where customers land before being directed to the merchant offer lead information page. Unlike a squeeze page, a landing page is basically meant to guide the customer into the buying process and also helps obtain a higher Google Adwords PPC quality score than a straight-to-offer campaign. WHERE Quite literally all over the Internet, however, any landing page creator worth his mettle usually registers a hyper-specific domain name to match the purpose of their landing page (e.g. besthealthproductreviews.com, .net, or .org). WHEN Landing page creation and testing is so in-depth that some people only run traffic to their LP on certain days and even at certain HOURS that have shown to produce particularly high conversion percentages. WHY Although some online marketers tend to like the no middleman approach of straight-to-merchant affiliate offers, pages with a landing page in between often have higher conversion percentages over the long run than those without. An example of a...

The Who What When Where Why of Squeeze Pages

WHO An increasingly large amount of people, even though a squeeze page could help everyone develop a potentially strong base of an e-mail subscriber list that you can in turn monetize in many different ways several years down the road. WHAT Squeeze pages are used created to squeeze information out of a web visitor. The most popular kind of squeeze pages are the ones that are used to collect e-mail addresses. These e-mails are then eventually used to send periodic e-mails telling the subscribers about a product or service and thus, monetizing from those subscribers who purchase the aforementioned product or service. WHERE Like landing pages, squeeze pages are pretty much everywhere and usually have a custom-titled domain name to match. WHEN Since squeeze pages are used primarily to gather e-mail addresses, they are run throughout the day, everyday. As with landing pages, however, some on-the-ball Online Marketers have found a sweet spot of a time and run ads for their squeeze page...

Setting Up Your Thank You Page

Your thank you page will be much easier to edit than your opt-in page - in fact you do not have to create it at all All you need to do is set your thank you page URL as your own referral link for the affiliate program. Remember to do this when you're setting up your autoresponder and generating the form. There will be a column asking you for your thank you page location.

Now if youre going with Pay per Click instead of search engine optimization do you like to send them direct to the

Usually I'll do my own landing page to kind of test out different products. And I'll have them on there in a different order and kind of see which one is getting the best conversion rate, and at that point sometimes I'll move it off and just do it on its own. It just depends you know, if somebody else is advertising that product and using the ClickBank hoplink directly, then you're going to have problems because, like Google AdWords won't allow two of the same links. So you'd kind of be competing with them, so if that's the case, then it's better to do your own landing page. But I also like to collect emails sometimes too. So I'll do that on my own landing page. Sometimes I'll advertise different affiliate programs and then I'll also have a subscription form for a newsletter on there. OK, so once they hit your landing page, typically they would see maybe a couple of articles, or is it just like a squeeze page

Landing Page Elements

As I mentioned in the previous section, there are 4 basic elements essential to every good landing page. This section will focus on those elements in more detail, providing suggestions and tips for each element. I have included a landing page from one of my live campaigns as an example. This will help to illustrate the landing page elements (Screenshot on the following page ) Figure 4.6.1 Audible Landing Page Screenshot Figure 4.6.1 Audible Landing Page Screenshot

Tiein Your Landing Page

If your landing page doesn't follow through with the copy in your ad, its game over. You only have a few seconds to capture a visitor's attention once they've arrived at your site. If they can't instantly find what they're looking for, you will lose the customer. It's that simple. It looks like Amazon.com has what you need. You searched for Adidas Adisage, clicked on a relevant ad, and arrived at a page that sells these sandals. This is a good example of how to tie your landing page into your paid ad. Uh oh What happened Didn't you search for Adidas Adisage The ad you clicked on mentioned Adidas Adisage, but you were taken to a page that makes no mention of these sandals. This landing page did not tie in to the paid ad that we clicked on.

Optimize Your Landing Pages

The landing page onto which you drop a searcher who has clicked one of your ads is arguably the most important aspect of your PPC efforts. Getting searchers to your site is the easy part compared to getting them to stay and convincing them to either make a purchase or sign up for a service. The first thing you need to be sure of is that the landing page accurately pertains to the keyword that leads to it. If searchers are dropped on a page that has nothing to do with the term they were looking for, chances are they will feel tricked and navigate away immediately. Google also frowns upon any landing page that is not relevant to what was being advertised. extremely large images can slow down the loading time of your Web site. This is unfriendly for both SEO and PPC. If searchers click your ad and the landing page takes a long time to load, chances are good that they may change their mind and navigate away from the site before they see what you have to offer. Google offers a free landing...

Landing Pages

Landing pages are highly optimized web pages that encourage your visitors to take a specific action. Landing pages are most commonly used in paid search campaigns, but can also be used for natural search. Landing pages are particularly useful when you're bidding on a set of keywords related to a specific product or service offering. Landing pages generally contain very simple navigation, if any, and focus on some type of call to action. Landing pages are most effective when they closely match the ad text or description in your keyword ad or search listing, and have a clear call to action. Any element on the page that is not directly related to your call to action should be removed. There are 4 basic elements that are essential to every good landing page This section will show you how to create landing pages that convert. You will learn about the most important aspects of good landing pages, and what you should avoid.

The Importance of Building a List

The biggest and most beneficial thing that a squeeze page can do is to build an e-mail list. Once you have an e-mail list and thus, a list of subscribers, you can start sending targeted offers and products, which potentially ends up converting into huge profits for you. There's also a vast plethora of other things you could do with an email list as an online marketer the choice is really up to you in the end. But just get something straight. Squeeze pages are hands down the BEST way to get an e-mail list, and if you have a targeted e-mail list then, well, then you're golden. Simply golden.

Squeeze Layouts All Others

While there are certainly a few other layouts to get people to subscribe or submit their e-mail addresses, a squeeze page is arguably the best possible kind. Why A squeeze page is one of the easiest types of websites to set up. Quite literally, squeeze pages are built and designed to squeeeeeeeeeze whatever information is needed from the Internet surfer. They are processed through the layout as they are read and are squeezed into the position with the best odds that they'll submit to willingly give over their information or e-mail address. Starting out building squeeze pages will also give you a strong foundation and base for when you begin to build more complex landing pages for other offers and projects, pages that will require But don't worry about that now as it's really just your job to begin making the best squeeze pages you can possibly muster, because like we talked about earlier, you're going to get cracking on this email subscriber list right from the get-go.

Section 2 Your Tasks

1) Write out how you would build your ideal squeeze page and ideal landing page. What would you do to your landing page to ensure that the person clicked over to the actual merchant offer site What colors, wording, imagery would you use to direct the viewers' attention 2) Ask yourself, if you were trying to get people to subscribe to your newsletter, which would be the best page to build a squeeze page or a landing page 3) If you were trying to get someone to purchase something that another company was selling, what would be the best page to build a squeeze page or a landing page Part 3 The Ingredients To Make a Strong, Efficient Squeeze Page

Capture Their Attention From The GetGo

The headline of a squeeze page can make it or break it. It is the perfect opportunity to make a strong and positive first impression. Why should the reader care Why should they take their time to read through your pitch instead of going to Google in the hopes of finding a quicker answer

How Is Your Service Beneficial

And doesn't take much in the way of wit. For others though, it's a bit more difficult. A good way of bypassing this often difficult hurdle is to put yourself in the shoes of the reader. Pretend you're just stumbling on your squeeze page and have never seen it before. Pretend you were searching for something similar to the solutions that your e-mail opt-in would provide.

Help To Visualize with Video

If you can make a video and place it anywhere strategic in your site, not only are you going to save someone who's on your squeeze page time, but you're also going to demonstrate how signing up for your service is a must for them. If you do decide to use a video and can keep the amount of text on your squeeze page to a minimum (just the most important information) than you should be well on your way to a successful and efficient squeeze page.

The Who What When Where Why of Word Press

WHAT WordPress can be used to create everything from squeeze pages to landing pages to static redirect pages. WHERE You can use the domain.WordPress.com extension for free or buy your own domain to have your own .com, .net, or .org with a domain install as the content manager. In order to build squeeze pages with WordPress, we STRONGLY recommend you sign up with a web host, such as Bluehost, that allows you to host the copy of WordPress instead of WordPress.com hosting it for you. Just remember this WordPress.org GOOD, WordPress.com BAD ensures that whether you're making a squeeze page, a landing page, an informational page or just a made for Adsense page, you can do it quickly and easily with WordPress. Enhance Your Squeeze Page Conversion Rates TEST, TEST, TEST, TEST & TEST SOME MORE A squeeze page will perform better than any pop-up or sidebar widget. Just look at the above screenshot to see that in practice While the blog sidebar widget had a .05 opt-in (conversion) rate, the...

Search Engine Optimization

It is a lot more complicated complex than some people think it is, though, and it can take up to 2-3 months to really get indexed enough to the point where it would be worth the time invested. If you plan on developing a blog squeeze page with WordPress, make sure you download and install the Google XML Sitemaps plugin. This plugin will help your blog squeeze page get indexed not just by Google, but also Yahoo , Bing, and Ask.com (the top search engines).

Conversion Is King

Whether you're building a squeeze page, a landing page, or even just that online ice cream store you've always wanted to get running, the bottom line is how to make sure you're getting as many sign-ups as possible and as many leads as possible (or as many mint chocolate chip gallons as possible).

Less Better

A squeeze page with fewer outgoing links will perform better than a squeeze page with external hyperlinks. Colors, layout, text copy, headers, footers - it's all very important. Again, test out several different things and if you've been brushing up on your HTML, CSS and PHP, you might even be comfortable with adding some type of function or supplementary doo-dad into the mix. Once AGAIN, test anything major that you think might be a positive. Whittle everything down to ONLY what works, and what you'll be left with is a squeeze page so fine-tuned and efficient you'll be hard pressed not to break out into a smile.

Pay Per Click

Pay per click advertising is great to get a high volume amount of traffic to your squeeze page in a relatively short amount of time. The only downside It costs money as you quite literally pay a certain price for every click hit that you get to your web page. You can bid different amounts on different keywords, with more highly searched, buy now-type keywords being realistically more expensive.

From Your Blog

If you have a heavily trafficked blog, you can either send people from your blog to a separate squeeze page or even have a mini-squeeze page on the actual blog site itself. Squeeze Theme offers you the ability to integrate mini-squeeze pages into the blog website itself. This is a relatively easy way to get e-mail opt-ins because if the readers enjoy your blogging, they'll be more likely to sign up for a daily or weekly e-mail from you.

Section 5 Your Tasks

1) Read up more on each method of traffic the best you can through some Google research. Pick the one that you think will work best for you and map out a strategy to go about implementing it with your squeeze page. One of the most important things that you should know is that gathering different niche e-mails could be very important down the road. We know we said that collecting e-mails in general is an important feat but once you get well-versed and experienced in squeeze page creation and maintenance, it would be wise of you to start collecting different e-mails in different niches so that you can gather together a bunch of different offers and have a separate, uber-targeted e-mail list for each and every one of them.

Quality Score Optimization

The primary factors that search engines consider for calculating quality score are click-through rate, ad group and campaign structure, ad copy, landing page quality, and keyword bid. Note that many of the quality score factors influence one another. For example, the quality of your ad copy almost certainly affects your click-through rates, and your ad group and campaign structure is likely to influence your perceived landing page quality. Landing page quality refers to the perceived value and relevancy of the page that you send your PPC traffic to. Landing page quality is so important that a low landing page score can be disastrous to your overall PPC advertising initiatives. In fact, if you have a poor landing page score you may be required to pay as much as 10 dollars per click for placement on a keyword, while another advertiser deemed to have a high landing page score pays only 35 cents for the same keyword placement. Some of the factors that affect your landing page score are...

Effectively Targeting Your Mobile Advertising Campaigns

In some cases, your mobile offering, your advertisement, or your landing page will be built to work on a specific cell phone or mobile handset. This is particularly common if you are working directly on a carrier deck, or if you are promoting a mobile game or application that has been built for a carrier-specific platform. In some mobile ad platforms, you will be able to target specific handset models, such as the BlackBerry Curve 8350i. In other cases, you will be able to segment your targeting only by handset groups, such as all BlackBerry or all Razr handsets.

FREE Keyword Elite ECourse

This is a real Squeeze page that I used to promote Keyword Elite which converted a good portion of my visitors to leads subscribers. The techniques I learnt for creating a squeeze page and how to write your follow up emails can all be found in an Ebook called Inside the List. If you have read and enjoyed Beating Adwords. then this was written by the same authors. Having a good squeeze page and follow up emails is the key to making lots of money from email marketing.

Page Headline and Offer Summary

For example, in my paid search listing for the landing page above, I mention that the user can get 2 free audio books. In my headline text it reads Get 2 FREE Audio Books Risk-FREE at Audible.com . Notice how the headline font is larger than the other text on the page and is located at the top of the page.

Product or Service Copy Description Benefits

The landing page copy should focus on the primary benefits of the product or service offering. When you write the landing page copy, I recommend that you use short paragraphs (no more than 4-5 lines) and highlight or bold the most important benefits for impact. You should also consider using bulleted lists that summarize the benefits of the product or service. Try and keep the overall length of your landing page copy short and use your affiliate links to deep link to more detailed pages on the merchant's website. Strategically embed your affiliate links to the product or service throughout your page copy.

Enhancing Email Response

In such cases it's best to take a hard, objective look at the landing page. Something is clearly missing or is not being communicated effectively. Does the offer remain clear Is the form too cumbersome or too long Can you revise the form, and perhaps also revise some of the required form fields within it, for purposes of having these potential customers complete their first transaction

Include Only Certain Directories

Google Analytics gives you the ability to specify and include or exclude tracking to any location of your Web site. This procedure is useful if you want to analyze only specific landing pages, or any other specific area of your Web site. Also, if your Web site is broken up into multiple categories or themes, you may want to track each of these separately. For example, if you sold cell phone ringtones and wallpapers, applying this filter would allow you to analyze the conversions and goal funnels for each section separately. To do this, you would simply make a new profile for the existing domain, and then apply the filter to track only a certain directory. Repeat this process for each separate directory you want to track.

Paid Search Marketing

One of the biggest benefits of paid search is that you have an instant feedback loop. You can test different keywords, ads, and landing pages very quickly, which allows you to optimize your marketing campaigns in a fraction of the time it would take with other advertising mediums. This allows you to maximize your return on investment (ROI).

Here is what you need

You have to build what is called a squeeze page. This is a page that carries the sign up form for your newsletter and a description of the free report that you are going to give away. If you are not too good with creating web sites, you can get a squeeze page template here P remiumsqueezepagetemplates.com.

Campaign response mechanics

Ethanol Production Process Corn Oil

(b) Microsite landing page A focused landing page or specially created microsite can more effectively convert visitors to the action to help gain a return on the online campaign investment. A URL strategy is used to make the page easy to label in offline creative. This specifies how different types of content on a site will be placed in different folders or directories of a web site (this can also help with search engine optimisation). For example, if you visit the BBC site (www.bbc.co.uk) look at how the web address details vary as you move from one section to another such as News or Sport. An individual destination page on a web site may be labelled, for example, A further example is where site owners have to make a decision how to refer to content in different countries - either in the form In this case the creative or the landing page encourages campaign respondents to 'talk' directly with a human operator. It is usually referred to as a 'callback service' and integrates web and...

An Introduction to Quality Score Optimization

There are some simple and complex methods you can use to optimize your PPC account and generate higher quality scores. Structuring your account properly is the first, and most important, step of the quality score optimization process. Other steps include the quality of the landing pages and the effectiveness of the ad copy. To build a successful PPC campaign you must optimize the factors that influence quality score such as landing-page relevance and keyword performance. The goals of the major search engines are twofold Improve end-user experience, and increase shareholder profitability. Although the algorithms search engines use to calculate quality score are not public information, countless advertisers and search-engine marketing professionals have provided data that contribute to a solid understanding of the most important quality score factors. One factor is landing-page relevance. Bidding on a keyword that is unrelated to the content of your landing page often results in a...

Different Types of Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising can take a lot of different forms, but it is usually consumed when viewers are on the mobile Web, are using mobile applications, or are playing mobile games. When an advertisement is clicked, you generally have the option of driving the click to your website, to a mobile specific landing page, or to a download page. The click might also place a call through the mobile phone. Essentially four types of mobile advertising models are used Mobile pay per click Similar to traditional pay-per-click advertising (PPC), mobile PPC ads are text and image advertisements offered by search engines and, usually served alongside organic mobile search results. PPC advertising is displayed when the ad is relevant to the searcher's query. Mobile PPC ads cost the advertiser money only when they are clicked. Advertisers choose a set of keywords that are relevant to searches for their products. Then text ads are served based on an advertiser's bid on a search query and the calculated...

Step 1 Assign Destination URLs to Your Keywords

In order to track what keywords are generating sales, you must first assign a unique Destination URL (or query string) to each keyword in your campaign. Please note that this does not mean you must use a separate landing page for each keyword, it simply means that you are adding something (a query string) to the end of each URL. The URL examples below from Dating Site Critic illustrate this page.php keyword dating page.php keyword singles page.php keyword personals

Now this whole affiliate marketing game its a little complicated going in but you say to stick to the KISS rule Keep It

This is the simplest way to start, all it has is a headline, a couple of bullet points and boom, name and email. And then a thank you page, that's why I said a two-page site. So you're building a list and now you do your marketing through your list. You're going to start generating revenue.

Post Cards Direct Mail

When a company has an existing database of postal addresses, direct mail may be the best way to get the email addresses of your existing customers and prospects. Again, offering an incentive always helps stimulate a greater response and is particularly effective when there is a pre-existing relationship. This helps increase the typical response rate of converting postal address recipients to email recipients. Publish a specific website address on your mailing to direct people to a landing page with the list signup form on your site.

Facebook Page Basics

Many brands use Facebook tabs in lieu of landing pages on their actual websites, because tabs have more built-in social functionality, are easy to update, and are especially helpful for running contests and promotions. But even if you foresee offering giveaways through tabs, you should still invest some serious setup time in Page customization.

Online Advertising

The goal behind online campaigns is to drive traffic to your website or a specific landing page of your website. Look to place banner ads and paid listings on websites that folks who might be looking for your app would likely visit. Remember that you are paying for the exposure and click-through rates to your website. You must have a compelling offer to entice the click-through to convert to a lead.

Evaluating Success

ROI is the success metric for mobile advertising because it allows advertisers to determine whether each dollar spent on advertising earns more than a dollar back in value or return. The best ROI is driven by a combination of effective targeting, messaging, and landing pages. In many cases, it is a good idea to set up a test budget so that you can try various types of messaging, creative, and targeting to see what is most effective for your campaign.

Marketing Campaign

One of the simplest methods of getting a subscriber is by using a web page known as a namesqueeze or squeeze page . One of the simplest methods of getting a subscriber is by using a web page known as a namesqueeze or squeeze page. You just point people to the squeeze page rather than the sales page. Simple. The sole job of the squeeze page is to get an email address the selling comes later. I've added a basic piece of HTML to the bottom of this article which will produce a template for a simple squeeze page. Use a simple html editor to add content and images and, of course, the all important email signup box. Remember to keep your squeeze page as simple as possible. It should contain a minimum of text and only one obvious choice to sign up for your list and get their free gift Now that you have an autoresponder and a squeeze page in place, simply drive traffic to the page and collect the signups. A good squeeze page can convert at as much as 40 -50 . So, how do you drive that traffic...


ProAnalyzer Ad Tracking System is a CGI program that installs on your website's cgi-bin directory and tracks your ad click-throughs and sales without paying a monthly fee. When a visitor enters your website from an ad URL, a cookie is placed on his web browser and a click-through is recorded. If the visitor purchases a product, that cookie is read on the Thank You page with the purchase total, and the sale is recorded for the ad that generated it.

Speak to your market

Landing pages Nevue even suggested creating particular topic-oriented web pages and submitting them separately to search engines. For record labels that represent more than one genre of music, the label would do well to feature more than one web site. The label would also want to create specific pages that feature each of the artists who are currently the top priority in marketing. These pages are referred to as landing pages. Landing pages are specifically designed pages that are intended to be the page that the web visitor lands on when looking for something in particular and are directed to your site. This page would be more finely tuned to appeal to the segment of your market that is looking for something specifically and has found you through the use of a particular set of keywords that indicate their interest. In an article titled Creating Effective Landing Pages on TamingtheBeast.net, author Michael Bloch described landing pages this way Landing pages are particularly useful to...

Application Search

When you have determined how to get into the search application result, it is important to determine what makes some results rank higher or lower than other results. Because applications are meant to be interactive and personal, rankings are frequently highly weighted on user ratings and reviews, as well as popularity. Each time you make a change to your mobile website or even a mobile landing page, check whether and how it has affected your rankings in the mobile search applications for your niche.


Facebook ads are often tied to specific landing pages, either on or off Facebook. When your landing page changes, so should your ad. Figure 10-8. Facebook ads are often tied to specific landing pages, either on or off Facebook. When your landing page changes, so should your ad.


These goals could fluctuate throughout the year, from gaining Page members to increasing interaction to eventually driving traffic to your website. Facebook ads that drive off-site should be clear about the end location. You might even create a specific landing Page acknowledging that people came from Facebook. This helps ease their transition, while also aiding with your tracking and allowing you to easily deliver on Facebook-exclusive deals.


When you get to their main page (the landing page) then what is the first thing that strikes you. If there is a main heading, then does it grab you enough to make you want to read further, or are you reaching for the back button. If it's the latter, then what was it that turned you off Again, make a note of these things good and bad. Provided the site is good enough for you to still be viewing, read the information about what they are selling or promoting and how they are presenting it. If it's a product then do you feel that you couldn't do without it If it is a squeeze page then do you feel that you will miss out on something if you don't sign up

Keep Learning

You could take nearly any section or sub-section out of this e-book and write a completely new book about that one subject. This book has covered a lot of ground, but there's still more you can learn. I have a vast collection of books and e-books about subjects like search engine optimization, landing pages, affiliate marketing, and paid search. I recommend that you expand your learning and investigate each of these topics further.

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