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English Football League Profits

EFL Profits focuses mainly on giving tips on English Football League teams and not the Premier League. The creator of this Tipster Service, James Redmond, highlights that better profits are found in EFL rather than the Premier League. This is because most people have less knowledge of the lower league teams. James Redmond focuses on the two main cups of the league namely: Carabao Cup and Check Trade trophy. He does not focus on the FA cup simply because it is the cup that all the league teams are mainly focusing on. Therefore, he uses the True Form approach, which helped him make a 217.45 pts profit in the previous season. He evaluates how the teams are performing when it really matters. It is an all-online program. You can join in any time of the day then go ahead to sign up and thereafter receiving your betting tips on your E-mail account. This makes betting easier on another level. Give it a try and flood your wallet with money! Continue reading...

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English Football League Profits

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English Football League Profits is overall a well-made electronic product in this group that you can buy online. It is secured by clickbank policy, and you could ask a refund within 60 days and all your money will be paid back with with no hassle.

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Profit Maximiser

Profit Maximiser is a platform created for advanced match betting. This product makes you learn how to cash out the free online bookmakers' bets for a profit, big or small. The creator or author of the program is none other than Mike Cruickshank. This guy is far from fraud since he is behind the creation and development of many greatly successful matched betting products. Bonus Bagging was the very first ever product launched by him back in the year 2010. The profit maximiser is the ultimate successor of Bonus Bagging. Bonus Bagging has been considered to be one of the best gaming sites out there. Most people owe their online money-making success to the skills and strategies if the author Mike Cruickshank. Some are even raking in cash nearly every day for even up to 5 years as profit maximizer members. So if you are in the UK or an Ireland resident above the age of 18 and you are interested in making money online, then join Profit Maximiser. It is a great option, and it has been tried, tested, and verified. Continue reading...

Profit Maximiser Summary

Contents: Online Platform
Author: Mike Cruickshank
Official Website:
Price: $112.01

The Whale's Picks

The Whale Picks was created by the Sports Betting Whale, an alias that has been derived from the huge winnings. The actual product that's selling is The Whale Picks Premium Membership which is a digital product in form of a membership where you can register and receive the Whale's picks for your winnings. It includes betting picks that were chosen by the Sports Betting Whale and some bonuses. When you register in the membership, whether by email or call, you'll receive an email which includes monthly selections of the picks and the bonuses for members as well. The program mainly utilizes the famous Round Robin strategy. This strategy enables you to make bets over multiple parlays to win big. This product is for people who want to win big and with confidence that they will sure win due to the genius strategies this system operates on. Continue reading...

The Whales Picks Summary

Contents: Membership Site
Creator: The Whale
Official Website:
Price: $49.00

The WAP Tipsters

WAP Tipsters is a brand new sports betting experience. This is an online portal which allows you to bet for your favorite sport. Besides, it offers dynamism in that you can bet on any sports, even sports you have never heard. This includes horse and dog racing, golf and many other sports you may be interested in and maybe you had never heard. If you Sign up to WAP Tipsters, you get their marvelous services that will transform your overall betting experience. For instance, you can get 21 days of free tips from an expert wap partner. Membership guarantees winning stakes from WAP Tipsters who are experienced and boast of tipping expertise. WAP Tipsters offers diversity in its betting options. There is a variety of sports to bet on, and the winning experience is just impressive. WAP Tipsters is user-friendly and entertains both the tech-savvies and novices. It also offers trials which allow you to feel the experience before subscribing to it. Continue reading...

The WAP Tipsters Summary

Contents: Membership Site
Price: $11.61

Sports Spread Betting

Spread betting lets you win more than speculated and also lose more than you think. However, when you have the right stats at your disposal, you won't have to lose at all. This is why you should trust Sports Spread Betting a unique email subscription service from which you'll receive almost daily emails containing all the valuable information of the trades/selections, and the stats behind their selection by Max. It is a solution to your betting problems if you are a pro bettor. However, if you are just entering into the world of spread betting, then it can be your propeller to long-lasting success. What's really important to understand about this service is that you'll receive a monthly profit of 25 points by following the suit of Max. You won't have to do anything else just follow the maestro and see how your dreams come into reality. There are no bonuses with this subscription, but only security and a promise of a full refund of the subscription price if you don't receive the promised profit. Simple as that. Sports Spread Betting is your way forward if you want to master spread betting. There are no risks but a monthly reward. Continue reading...

Sports Spread Betting Summary

Contents: Email Service
Creator: Max Revilo
Official Website:
Price: $30.48

Heart of Darkness

DBASE was originally designed to help place winning bets in football pools and was the creation of Wayne Ratliff, a contract programmer at the U.S. Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Although Ratliff didn't get rich on sports betting, he did decide his new software program had commercial potential. Named Vulcan in honor of the home planet of Star Trek's Mr. Spock, Ratliff placed his first ad for the product in the October 1979 issue of BYTE magazine. At its release, Vulcan was priced at 50.00, and though there was flurry of initial interest,1 the stress of trying to

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