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Once you purchase this service you will have access to a full set of Kindle ebook tutorials. These videos will take you from start to finish in the Kindle self-publishing industry; you will have more knowledge than most publishers do when you finish this course! You don't have to worry about all of the detailed steps to Kindle publishing; you will be able to make a lot of money doing it yourself! Why worry, when you could learn everything you need to know in an easy and fun way? Freedom Self-Publishing wants to make sure you get the best publishing experience that you can! You will learn skills such as how to choose your keywords, how to do niche research and choose the perfect topic, and how to get amazing book covers made cheaply. Freedom Self-Publishing gives you all of the tools to make money off your own ebooks, without having a steep learning curve! Read more here...

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How to Get Free Advertising As a Guest on Radio Talk Shows

Writing a book or article is an even surer path to the talk-show microphone. My friend Joe Sabah has written and self-published a little book about how to get a job and has booked himself as a guest on hundreds of radio talk shows all across the country, being interviewed over the phone from his own home, to promote his book. Lots of people could emulate his example. If you have a national chain of restaurants, you could write a book, booklet, or article about dining out while on a diet and do radio talk shows everywhere, promoting your book and your restaurant chain free. If you have a mail-order company with a catalog of educational games for children, you could write a book, booklet, or article about raising superintelligent kids and then be on hundreds of radio talk shows promoting your book and your catalog. Joe Sabah has done so well with this approach he's created a whole how-to manual about it and a mailing list of the best radio stations.*

Guerrilla Tactic Get Help

Invest a portion of your advance on publicity for your book. Many public relations firms specialize in book publicity and do outstanding jobs. They can plan and coordinate publicity campaigns with your publisher. And, they can usually get more from your publisher's publicity department than you can alone.

If your website is related to the content of this ebook you can give away this PDF file Dotcomology The Science of

Next, you should submit your newsletter to all the newsletter directories you can find. There a plenty of them on the net and some of them get a lot of traffic every month. If your articles are good quality and informative, newsletter and website publishers will be interested and your work could get published in hundreds of different newsletters and websites. Not only will this increase your credibility, it could result in thousands more visitors to your site. This is because at the end of all your articles which you allow others to publish will be an About the Author section and a link back to your website. Also, if lots of your articles are published on other websites then your link popularity will improve dramatically. This will result in higher search engine rankings in Google and the other engines that use link popularity as a ranking factor, which or course means lots more visitors and profit for you.

Do They Offer Custom Payouts for Top Affiliates

Merchants will often reward their top affiliates by offering them better payouts and commission rates. Look for merchants that offer bonuses and increased commissions for top performers. Some merchants will publish their custom rates in their program terms, while other merchants have unpublished commission rates. If you don't see anything published in the merchant's program terms, you will want to call or e-mail the Affiliate Manager to find out if they have unpublished payouts for top affiliates.

Taking the leap

Think about writing a book as a consulting project. You'll need to propose a salable and valuable idea, create a plan for completing the work and, once the project is done, sell your results. Unless you're self-publishing, your first sale will be to a literary agent or a publisher. Agents and publishers are only interested in books that will sell, so stress your book's sales potential in your proposal.

Self Publishing a Book The Easy Way

Self Publishing a Book The Easy Way

This comprehensive guide will present you with a variety of self-publishing options and explore their viability. Well take a look at all types of books and book-delivery systems.

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