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You can create an internal link structure that allows search-engine spiders, as well as human beings, to quickly and easily navigate your Web site. Just like human visitors, search engines use links to navigate the Internet. As search-engine spiders crawl from page to page within a single Web site and then from page to page across multiple Web sites, each and every link is taken into consideration by individual search-engine ranking algorithms. Although it can be difficult to control how many links point to your Web site from other sources, you can easily control how your own internal links are structured. Link creation may be a basic task, but if done correctly, it can be tremendously influential to your overall search-engine rankings. A link is created within an HTML anchor tag, and its syntax is as follows:

<A HREF=""> Link Anchor Text</A>

Create Links

<A></A> tags are anchor tags and indicate that the element located within will become a hyperlink. HREF stands for hypertextreference and its attribute is set to a URL.

Creating effective links involves only two elements. First, be sure to always use absolute URLs even when linking within your own Web site. Instead of <a HREF="page.htmi"> Next Page</A>, use <A HREF="http://www.yoursite. com/page.html">Next Page</A>. If you use relative URLs, links no longer work if you move pages from one directory to another unless the entire file structure moves with it.

Second, always make sure the anchor text is descriptive. You learn more about the proper use of anchor text in Chapter 8, but for now, know that the search engines use the anchor text of a link to determine what the page being linked to is about. So, if you are linking to a page about LCD televisions, use "LCD Televisions" as your anchor text rather than something more general and nondescript like "Click Here."

1 Open a Web page in any text editor such as notepad.exe or a Web development program and find a location to place a link.

2 Type <a href=" , the URL of the Web page you are linking to, and ">.

3 Add descriptive link anchor text and follow it with </A>.

ixivit ivrt-"tejit/uvs ">

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lont-l-jniiji: llri a I, Verdana, sans-srril; r.nlnr: black; PHdilimj: n; Ittrgili: > STRONG (

Fnnt-tljp: ISpx;

Tunl (Mllv: flrinl, tlnriUiiH, »in xHrif;

ilitin HI ri"-tl!uiw-"iiiiiitriit-rjj|ir" CUHTHfr-"lPHl/bliU; durSTl-ulF-®" <HETA NMC-"description" COHTEWr-"Creating searth-rnglnr optlnlzed Kcb pages Is iHTin Nftlff-"kPijMtn'rt*" cnNTr«!-"f 11» nii»t.|-irip tags,»*,» description tjg.nnta " (HIS NfiW-'rlJblili" UUHIIHI ■••inUr!(,miloif"?

it tp://¡km-pppppr J j<K»n .tnn/ebnatp-f f ] p-nj

4 Save the file, and upload it to your Web server.

© frratkuj Paqri Inienwl Fvptnrpr prmiMH by lîpfl

A hyperlink has been created.

© frratkuj Paqri Inienwl Fvptnrpr prmiMH by lîpfl

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U £ Creating Pages


Creating search-engine optimized web pages is the core effort of a successful internet marketing campaign. Taking care of technkal on-site facta correct file names, tide tags, meta description tags, meta keyword tags, and meta robots tags is crucial to making sure the search-engine spiders relevance of your Web site. Optimizing your content with header tags and other text modifiers afcws you to stress the main ideas and topics dial cnvpis ( )jitmc.'.ilinn of miners is snpcnlanl for llio'j* Wrli Ijrow.pi1. thai ilu nul -.iqijHnt sriavp'., ¡nul ■unre seaich engine \piclet\ nui iiol read it image, it presents an extra avenue to squeeze m extra content. Links provide the pathways that search-engine spiders need to lind your Web pa$ links with search-engine optimization in mind is necessary for optàual results. Throughout the Web page creation process, try to adhere to the ste the WîC C!<m-,oi tnitn The rcnr-cntnan wurlc*. ti> create -.taauLird'. ai Vi el) ilroRii ¡mil dpveliijnnpiit thai pilmb p internet wide CLnrqitililnkly

Evay W eh jiiiy.e that yuu create r. stnretl in a file file has a name Ti mux file names lh;il .n p relevant to the rtinlenl of yuia web page i-. imp reasons. Besides your domain name, the search-engine spiders see your file names before anything else, if your fik names ere not relevant to the on that page, the search-engines can algorithmic ally detect a disconnect Taking the extra time to assure that file names are property designed cas boci%t to yam lanlcings

Optimize Tide Tags

Tide tags are an extremely influential search-engine ranking factor. What you place in your Web page titfc tags has a substantial influence on wfce terms your page ranks. Not oat}' do the search-engines take title tag text into consideration, but the first thing a human visitor sees when finding y •.p,hi ll piivinpTeMoll*. is your fcille tag Title tap,'. 'Jioiiki lie rlesnipthe uf ytiin Well pave p. about and compel potential it jlca'. to visit vuur ■

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