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Choosing correct file names is an important first task when you create Web pages. Besides your domain name, the first thing search engines discover when spidering through the pages of your Web site are your file names. Every single page of your Web site resides in a different file. These files can be written in HTML, PHP, ASP, or any other Web programming language. When you title your pages with search-engine optimization in mind, you have a powerful opportunity to establish relevance to a certain topic or keyword. Before you even write your first page of content or acquire that first link back to your site, make sure your file names are relevant.

Before you generate a Web page, have a specific topic in mind. Just as it makes sense to fill that Web page with keywords relevant to the topic, you should also give the file a relevant name. If you are writing an HTML Web page about San Francisco hotels, and you are trying to rank highly for the search term "San Francisco Hotels," consider naming the HTML file sanfranciscohotels.html or san-francisco-hotels.html.

Making your file names relevant to the content contained within the page is also important for organizational purposes. If you follow this practice, you name each Web page after the main key phrase that the page is about. Both search engines and your visitors associate the name of the page with the content that it contains. This titling is much more effective than a more conventional naming style like page1.html, page2.html, and so on, especially when you want to make changes to the content of individual pages on a Web site that has grown to hundreds or even thousands of pages.

Choose File Names

1 Open a Web page in any text editor such as notepad.exe or a Web development program.

2 Analyze the content of the page and choose a proper file name when you save it.

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