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An increasingly popular affiliate network structure and payment method is cost-per-action, or CPA. One of the leaders in CPA affiliate marketing is AzoogleAds, located at CPA advertising allows merchants to specify a flat rate for a defined action such as an e-mail submission or contact form completion. For example, if you send a visitor to a merchant Web site, and that visitor successfully fills out a lead box with his personal information, you receive a predetermined amount of money. A CPA payout removes any fluctuation in payments by the merchant and guarantees you a set dollar amount each time a visitor completes a desired action.

CPA affiliate marketing is popular with many affiliate marketers because of the flat payout structure; often the specified action does not require the referred visitor to spend any money. This usually leads to significantly higher conversion rates than traditional percentage-of-sale-based affiliate marketing.

Advertise Cost-per-Action Offers with AzoogleAds

Although CPA-based offers provide an alternative method for monetizing Web traffic, CPA offers tend to be better if your Web site focuses on specific verticals, such as real estate, music, dating, or financial services. In fact, CPA networks such as AzoogleAds tend to have limited monetization potential if your Web site traffic is focused on e-commerce. For example, if your Web site traffic is mostly about topics such as gardening or cosmetics, you are better off promoting a traditional percentage-of-sale-based affiliate offer from a network like Commission Junction. However, if your Web site is about real estate or financial services, you are better off promoting a flat cost-per-action-based affiliate offer such as a micro loan or a credit repair service.

You can join AzoogleAds for free and begin promoting CPA offers within minutes. You are required to provide basic information about you and your business, including contact information and a valid tax identification number.

1 Navigate to

2 Log in using your username and password.

• If you do not have an account, click

Publishers ^ Apply Now.

3 Click Offers.

4 You can narrow down the offers by searching for a keyword, selecting a type, or choosing a region and clicking Search.

5 Click the title of an offer that fits your Web site topic.



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6 Copy the tracking URL for the offer.


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7 Add the link to your Web site.

Your link is now live and tracks any conversions sent from your Web site.

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