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Online Freelancing Success

Online Freelancing Success

Your Guide To Becoming A Successful Online Freelancer. When you think of freelancing, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? You probably think of a writer, novelist or journalist right off hand. That is primarily because for centuries,the only real job you could have as a freelancer had to do with your mastery of the written word.

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62 Strategies for Freelancers to Establish or Increase your Prices

Here on this site you can find the best sources of business for professional freelancers. You can get some of their best information on how to make a whole lot of money for free! There is no reason to wander around, wondering what the best way to make bank will be It's a much better idea to make sure that you KNOW what you're getting into! Why not spend a little time making sure that you know all of the best ways to make money as a freelancer before you start? You will get the tools that it takes in order to become a freelance photographer, writer, or web designer. You will have everything you need! What are you waiting for? You have all of the tools that you need to make a pile of money from your own home, working for yourself! Get started making money today!

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Contents: Ebook
Author: Brent Jones
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Freelance Like A Pro

Freelancing is the new face of work in this modern world. However, there are many trials and tribulations in getting there. Only a seasoned freelancer who has years of experience can pull off such a task. If you aren't one of those, don't worry, in the form of Freelance Like A Pro, you've got a mentor for yourself that can guide you through the treacherous but lucrative path of freelancing. It is basically a guide developed by Roshan Jerad Perera, a 27 years old freelancer making more than $5000/mo, that deals with the ups and downs of freelancing and how a person can overcome them to land themselves projects worth 5 to 6 figures a month. It has actionable steps to guide you on starting your full-time career as a freelancer without delving in hysteria, confusion, or risks. Also, there is plenty of bonus content provided by the author because hey, that's what mentors do. They guide you properly and provide resources for your future. You'd also find a freelance contract template in it, which will help you stay protected. There's more to it than you think. Grab your PDF copy now.

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Contents: Ebook
Author: Roshan Jerad Perera
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Price: $9.99

Elancecom solves writers block

I cover the whole story of how I first hired local writers -then progressed to using - in my Hiring Authors audio report. In this newly refreshed report, I include a lively 30-minute discussion between Kellie Fowler, a freelance writer I discovered at Elance, and myself - where we discuss the finer points of hiring (and managing) freelance writers.

Creating a Work Agreement

Even if you hire a programmer through an established freelance site like Elance or ScriptLance, it's still a good idea to draw up some kind of legal agreement. The last thing you want to happen is to reveal your idea for the greatest software product since Windows and watch some programmer put it together, cut you off and sell it to the highest bidder.

Technique 2 Hire a freelancer ghostwriter to do all the work for you

Hire a ghostwriter This is an excellent strategy. Freelancers and ghostwriters are writing and software professionals. They work for a fee. All the writing work and designing is easily outsourced to ghostwriters. They do all the work you get the benefit (and the profits) Of course we understand here that the content has to be designed by us in a basic level of detail. Here is what a ghostwriter freelancer can do for you One place to get the best freelancers is In this wonderful website you can find many freelance on many domains. Their services include web development, graphic design, software, engineering, administrative services, business strategy, writing and more . The procedure is as follows. You have to post your project on the website. The freelancer who is interested in your project will place a bid. The cost of this work depends on the expertise required, the nature of the project and the volume of work. You are free to negotiate. Ghostwriters work mostly for...

Engaging all employees in the process

Educate everyone from the CEO to part-time or freelance designers about your brand strategy, promise, identity, and presentation guidelines. Turn them into brand champions (use Chapter 13 as your playbook), and ensure that they know the rules for presenting your brand by following the advice for managing your logo in Chapter 8 and staying true to your brand promise in Chapter 14.

A publishers role is simple

If you are not comfortable crafting your own website copy, you can rely on professional freelance copywriters that are accessible online and available for nominal fees. (I'll show you where to go, how to screen affordable copywriters, and even how to work with them successfully a bit later.)

The 6 most important factors in choosing a topic in order of priority

Is it a subject I'm familiar with Of course, it would be nice to write about topics you're familiar with, as I stressed in Step-1. However, I realize this may not be possible, although it is my first choice. No, it's not ABSOLUTELY necessary because your focus will be on researching the Net for information related to your industry and distilling the vast amounts of knowledge found there into well-written words for each page of your site. I like to think of it as gobbling up information, digesting it and regurgitating it for the general public. Anyway, the point is that you can become an expert on a topic if you are not one now. In fact, in Step-5, you will be taught exactly how to research and write your content using the Internet. I will also show you how to use eLance, a freelance website that boasts talented writers that will work for nominal fees, many with experience in this specific area. We'll go into more about eLance later. For now, if you do decide to craft your own copy,...

The Tech Savvy Consumer of Today and Tomorrow

Alternatively, the findings suggest that the respondents are making a conscious effort to maintain some separation between work and home. Even though 91 of respondents have a computer at home, 60 do not have a space they define as a home office. Actually economic and cultural reason play into this variable Tokyo respondents were least likely to have a home office, probably owing both to space limitations and to their culture's rigid concept of work as something to be done at the office San Francisco respondents were most likely to have one, thanks to their early adoption of the 24 7 tech lifestyle and high levels of entre-preneurship and freelance contract work.

So why did you decide to go from vendor to affiliate

I'm still a vendor, the affiliate side of it is so much easier, you don't have to deal with customer support. All you do is really set up a website for a certain niche and write a few articles or have a few articles written for you. I use Elance, or if you know someone who writes good articles, you can use them.

Zopa launches a new lending model

Freeformers are typically not in standard employment, rather they are self-employed or complete work that is project-based or freelance. Examples include consultants and entrepreneurs. Consequently, their incomes and lifestyles may be irregular, although they may still be assessed as creditworthy. According to James Alexander, 'they're people who are not understood by banks, which value stability in people's lives and income over everything else'. The Institute of Directors (IOD) (2005) reported that the research showed that freeformers had 'much less of a spending model of money and much more of an asset model'.

Preparing your logo artwork

Options range from freelance artists to small design studios to local, regional, national or global ad agencies to internationally renowned identity developers. You can spend anywhere from several hundred dollars up to the million-dollar range. If you want a logo that competes well in a local market, set aside a small budget and find a local resource. If you aspire to make the list of the world's top brands, turn to the talents of award-winning brand specialists, and invest accordingly.

Giving Customers Authority for Your Claims

Another good approach to validating your expertise is to write a series of articles about your specialty or to contact publications and freelance writers to see if they are interested in telling your story for you. In almost every business or field of specialization, there are newsletters, journals or trade magazines that accept such articles. Once a favorable article is published about your innovative law practice, lawn repair service or language school, distribute reprints to your customers and have the original enlarged for display. Also, if you can, arrange to be interviewed on a local radio show, and have a friend photograph your appearance and display it at your business, or use it in your brochure. Newspaper articles about your business are, of course, an easy thing to display. Again, however, make sure that all material of this sort is reasonably up-to-date. People will be a lot more interested in the fact that you appeared on the Jay Leno show last month than the Merv Griffin...

Gates at the Barbarian

Head-to-head competitions, it almost invariably was an also-ran to the top-ranked product, Microsoft Excel. WordPerfect's botched release of its first Windows-based word processor had landed the one-time ruler of the category in third place. First and second places were usually fought over by Microsoft Word and Lotus's AmiPro. Microsoft PowerPoint and Lotus Freelance usually struggled for the business presentation graphics crown, but the spreadsheet and word-processing elements were the most important factors in a buyer's decision. Advantage Microsoft. Both Borland and WordPerfect attempted to fight back with competing office suites assembled from each other's respective products (with SPC's faded Harvard Graphics thrown into the mix), but they were unsuccessful. Not surprisingly, the new suites lacked the integration of Microsoft Office, but more important, they were bundles of second- and third-class programs competing against top-ranked contenders. Lotus SmartSuite faced a similar...

Outsource Your Website or Project

Graphic design, copyrighting, web programming, and database work can all be easily outsourced. There are hundreds of thousands of affordable and knowledgeable consultants available online through trusted websites like eLance and No matter how big or small your project is you can find somebody anxious to do the work. To quote eLance's website If you can describe it, you can get it done. Prices range by project and provider. Most of the affiliate websites and projects I have had developed range from a few hundred dollars for a basic website, up to a thousand dollars for more complicated projects. eLance also posts average pricing for projects on their website (updated in 2005). Take advantage of eLance's free project consultation. If you're new to outsourcing web projects recruit the help of an expert to help you get started. Read the eLance tips on posting projects before you get started. Use the free standard forms offered on eLance's website. These include a...

Guerrilla Tactic Writing While Making a Living

As your writing progresses, you may find that you need help. If you do, you can hire freelance researchers, editors, proofreaders, indexers, book designers, ghostwriters, and publicists. Try to get recommendations from your friends, literary agents, and network members, or contact writers' organizations to find the help you need.

How to Find a Marketing Advisor

IT specialists often say that the best marketing people are normally to be found within the industry. It's true, but by the time our industry finds them they are immensely successful and rich and out of reach. Whether you intend to hire a freelancer from time to time or have your own marketing advisor full time, you are looking for a man or a woman with a particular set of skills and abilities. Small ads for freelance consultants can be found in the trade press and via the Web. The fact that they need to advertise for work is no real ad for them. So speak to all your contacts who have had good experiences. Ask who they'd recommend. Another way is to call up the manufacturers of products that you feel have been well marketed (good marketing that sticks in your mind). Unless they are a direct competitor, they are usually delighted to give you tips. Your interest is a sincere compliment to their judgment.

Unless you personally know a Web site designer and are totally confident in his or her work this option is mostly a

If time and money aren't issues for you, then a great place to find a designer for your site is at Elance. You post a description of your project, which designers then bid on. Elance has a skill rating system that you are free to review before agreeing to hire anyone. I've used this service a few times to hire programmers to write scripts for my site and have always been very satisfied with the work. To find a designer, programmer, or Web developer at Elance, visit the link below. Elance http

Start by Writing Good Content

If you don't have confidence in your writing abilities or don't like writing, consider hiring a ghost writer to create content for you. eLance has thousands of expert writers that can write about any subject. Hiring a ghost writer can be a cost effective way to create volumes of unique content. Most ghost writers will work on a per article basis, which allows you to evaluate their work before committing to bigger writing projects.

How long did it take you to reach each of those milestones from 100 a day to 200 a day to 1000 a day

I used a company on the internet to help me write where I find people where I can get low cost writers. Company called Elance. And then I find a guy that'll write me articles about hip replacement, I publish them on the website. I refer to this book as a solution to maybe solve their, some of their pain problems, and then I get paid for every one of those that are sold. I get a percentage of the commission. So what I did, I've got a very simple little formula I've devised, years ago now to, how to construct a very low cost inexpensive website, that I can now display these merchants on. So what happens is, in the early days, I used to do all the writing myself because I really couldn't afford to hire writers, but now there's a company out there called where you can actually contract with low cost writers who are looking to, you know, make a little extra money writing content. So what I did, I posted a project on Elance, hey, I want to...

Baby step 6 Setup an Article

You should now be getting into the habit of writing articles and publishing them to your site on a regular basis. Early on, you will probably be writing the bulk of your articles. If time permits, I strongly suggest you write an article or two a day. For those of you who do not have much time, write an article or two a week, or hire an author from Elance. (See Hiring Authors report)

Baby step 14 Distribute a press release

The truth is that crafting a press release that gets such results isn't difficult at all. And, I am going to show you how to do this, and keep in mind you can do a Google search for how to write a press release to find a number of other easy to follow tutorials. (or an Elance writer would love to do it for you) Work with Authors on Elance About Net Guides Publishing Inc. Located in Las Vegas, NV, Net Guides US corporate headquarters is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Founded in 2002, Net Guides currently boasts nearly 100 specialty shopping sites spanning across more than 60 industries. Net Guides publishes the Affiliate Marketers Handbook and the respected twice-monthly audio newsletter, called the Affiliate Buzz and employs freelance writers from around the world.

Intuitive Reasoning In Environmental Scanning

This technique bases the future on the rational feel of the scanner. Intuitive reasoning requires free thinking unconstrained by past experience and personal biases. This technique, therefore, may provide better results when used by freelance think tanks than when used by managers on the job.

You Are the Future of Event Marketing

These same principles can easily be applied to marketing your organization's event services and products. The event is a living, breathing, albeit temporary business that requires a multifaceted approach to ensure a successful marketing outcome. Moses adds that whether we have conventional full-time jobs or are contingent, contract, or freelance workers, we are all living and working in the TempWorld. In TempWorld everything shifts.

Affiliate Classroomcom

Or are technically micro-sites. For those Microsoft FrontPage works fine - just create a table and add text. Another option, which is the one I use most frequently, is to hire someone from to create a template. Then I add text using FrontPage.

Who are the interviewers

In the UK the market research industry depends mainly on freelance interviewers. Thus, the interviewers like to retain the freedom of when they will work and when they will not. For this reason most agencies need to have a much higher number of interviewers on their books than they will expect to use at any one time, since some of the interviewers will want to work at a particular time and others will not. Inevitably, there is some degree of lack of control in this type of situation where the interviewers do not see themselves as the employees of the company for which they work and indeed they will usually work for more than one research company. The typical characteristics used for selection of interviewers are as follows.

Get Started

Although writing large amounts of original content may seem like a daunting task there are countless professional copywriters that can provide you with well-written content at a reasonable price. Moreover, there are online services such as Elance that allow you to hire copywriters and other service providers through an auction system. The auction system allows you to post your work so that multiple service providers compete for the job. You have the option of comparing multiple vendors and ultimately choosing one or more based on skill level and past performance within the Elance network.

About The Artists

Richard moved to the United States in 1983 and started his own company as a freelance artist specializing in commercial art and cartooning. He has owned and operated his own studio in the Bay Area since 1989, offering clients various forms of artwork, including illustrations, logos, portraits, and caricatures. Some of his clients include Kemper Insurance, Hewlett-Packard, G.T. Global, Novell, Smith Barney, Sun Microsystems, Psychology Today, Goldman Sachs, Kaldair, Compaq, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, and Viacom. Mr. Richard's cartoons have been published in newspapers and books. He has designed numerous posters for retail companies, including Weatherford BMW and the Stinking Rose, a garlic restaurant.

Put a Team Together

Not everyone is going to be an expert at every aspect of search-engine optimization. To take full advantage of what search-engine optimization has to offer your Web site, many skills are required. These skills include but are not limited to HTML writing, knowledge of CSS, data analysis, graphical design, server administration, copywriting, link building, blogging, and so on. Do not hesitate to put together a team of people skilled in these different areas to assist in the project. You do not need to hire a team of people to work at your side you can outsource some of the work to others through popular outsourcing Web sites such as Elance. You are sure to find that you excel at some search-engine-optimization tasks and lack the knowledge or motivation to excel in others. You may be an excellent Web designer and copywriter, but terrible at server 1 Navigate to -Elance How Elance Works How Elance Works You see a list of service providers, their feedback, and the total...

Hiring Contractors

Contractor context, the customer does not own the intellectual property rights in the work product created by the contractor, unless there is a written agreement that assigns the rights to that intellectual property to the customer. This is contrary to what many people hiring contractors expect. You may have heard of the work-for-hire doctrine. The work-for-hire doctrine does not mean that if you hire someone to do work for you, you own the work product. In fact, if you hire a contractor without a written agreement assigning the intellectual property rights, you will most likely only have a limited license to use the work product. This is problematic for a number of reasons. First, since your license to the work product is not in writing, it can be difficult to determine what is permitted and not permitted. For instance, under this unwritten license, it may be unclear whether you have the right to hire other contractors to modify the work or whether you have the right to sublicense it...


I have a friend who is a freelance writer and media consultant. From time to time he puts on a workshop for business people. He calls it How to Write Press Releases and Get Free Media Coverage. He limits enrolment to 12 people. The charge is 50 per person. He spends an afternoon explaining the art of writing press releases. He doesn't just talk. He makes them work He requires each participant to write at least two press releases, and then he gives them each a one-on-one critique. He sends them home with some model press releases and a format they can use to write future releases. I said That's a nice way to make 600 for an afternoon's work. He agreed, but then added I don't do it for the 600. I do it for the business it generates for me. Explaining, he said at least one, and sometimes several of the workshop members inevitably come back to hire him for writing projects business plans, company year-end reports, grant writing, advertising copy, direct mail pieces, and even press...

From Paid to Free

Having a free app gives you the benefits of keeping your name and your app's name on the App Store. It's better to have someone downloading your free app than nothing at all. When you launch your other apps, you already have a following for your brand, and you already have a presence on the App Store. If you are looking for app freelance work, you can point prospective customers to your work on the App Store.

Direct Salespeople

You can employ salespeople yourself or hire them on a freelance basis. As a rule, freelancers will only sell yours or a limited number of non-competitive products. However, be warned it's a rare salesperson who sells anything that cannot sell itself. They like the security of a successful company. If pressed about their lack of sales, they invariably plead a lack of advertising or a shortage of quality leads.

Magazine articles

A magazine article which puts your product or service in a favourable light is one of the most powerful selling tools known to man, or woman, for that matter. When was the last time you bought a magazine to read the ads No, people buy magazines to read the articles. If an article gives good and positive information about your product, the response can be truly unbelievable. Readers will confront your product in a 'non-ad' environment, and thus their minds will be more open to all the positive information about your product. But how do you get a magazine to publish an article about your product One way is to issue a press release to suggest an article, and hope a magazine reporter or editor agrees to write it. Another is to write an article yourself and submit it, or hire a freelance writer to write it for you. As long as you remember that the purpose of the article is to serve the interests of the magazine's reader base, you have a shot at getting your article published. Make sure...

Finding a Writer

If you don't have anyone on call though, is a good place to search. Again, check the portfolios carefully and pay attention to people's feedback. Elance encourages its clients to review the work of the people they hire. These are great indicators that will help you determine the reliability and skill of a writer you're thinking of hiring. One little tip for hiring writers on Elance is not to pay too much attention to the amount of work the writer has done in the recent past (another little piece of info Elance gives you). You don't want to hire someone who's too stressed to give your book the attention it needs, and just because someone's new to Elance, or doesn't use it very much, doesn't mean they don't have a lot of experience. They might have a lot of clients outside of Elance. And finally, don't be surprised if the writer demands that you stump up some cash in advance. On Elance, a deposit of as much as 50 isn't uncommon. This is a result of all the unscrupulous buyers

Case 7 TrolIAEG

Miguel also implemented significant changes in the design process of its lighting elements. By 1985 Miguel had decided that he needed to create an aesthetic consistency and identifying style in his lighting element designs and started to commission original designs from two freelance industrial designers. He wanted his lighting elements to be immediately recognizable.

Why not more often

Thing to do is create a small e-book. You know, I'll write something up in Microsoft Word and convert it to a PDF or something, or have someone else write it on Elance, you know, maybe 10 pages, 20 pages, something really simple. But it'll give them a background information about weight loss.