Types of Buying Decision Behaviour

Consumer decision making varies with the type of buying decision. Consumer buying behaviour differs greatly for a tube of toothpaste, a tennis racket, an expensive camera and a new car. More complex decisions usually involve more buying participants and more buyer deliberation. Figure 6.5 shows types of consumer buying behaviour based on the degree of buyer involvement and the degree of differences among brands.2'1

Complex Buying Behaviour

Consumers undertake complex buying behaviour when they are highly involved in a purchase and perceive significant differences among brands, or when the product is expensive, risky, purchased infrequently and highly self-expressive. Typically, the consumer has much to learn about the product category. For example, a personal computer buyer may not know what attributes to consider. Many product features carry no real meaning; an 'Intel 200MIIz Pentium II Pro', 'SVGA display', '16Mb Sync DRAM, 256 Kb Cache' or even a '16X Max CD-ROM with 33.6 RPS fax/data (upgradeable to 56K)'.

This buyer will pass through a learning process, first developing beliefs about the product, then developing attitudes, and then making a thoughtful purchase choice. Marketers of high-involvement products must understand the information-fathering and evaluation behaviour of high-involvement consumers. They need to help buyers learn about product-class attributes and their relative importance and about what the company's brand offers on the important attributes. Marketers need to differentiate their brand's features, perhaps by describing the complex buying behaviour

Consumer buying behaviour in situations characterised by high consumer involvement in a purchase and significant perceived differences among brands.

Marketers can convert low-involvernent products in to higher-involvement ones by linking them to involving situations. Hurt: Nestlil creates involvement with soap-opera-like ads featuring the romantic relationship between two neighbours, Tony and Sharon.

brand's benefits using print media with long copy. They must motivate store salespeople and the buyer's acquaintances to influence the final brand choice. Recognizing this problem, Dixons, the electrical retailers, is setting up the Link chain of stores dedicated to helping baffled buyers on to the information superhighway and multimedia.311

dLssuna nee- reducing buying behaviour

Consumer buying behaviour in situations characterised by high involvement butfe'w perceived differences among brands.

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