The Marketing Environment

chapter objectives

After reading this chapter, you should he able to:

Describe the environmental forces that affect chc company's ability to serve its customers.

Explain how changes in the demographic and economic environments affect marketing decisions.

Identify the main trends in the firm's natural and technological environments.

Explain the key changes that occur in the political and cultural environments.

'Mv GOD! THEY'RE REALLY GOING to use it!' Nabil Sakkab. Procter & Gamble's European head of laundry products development, exclaimed to colleagues as he looked closely at the myriad, tiny pink crystals scattered among a heap of detergent he'd just poured on to his desk. It was mid-March 1994 - the beginning of a protracted nightmare for Unilever, when arch rival P & G discovered the secret ingredient in its super-concentrated Power, a new, revolutionary washing powder: Omo Power in the Netherlands, Persil Power in the United Kingdom and Skip Power in France. Power was the biggest advance in fabric detergents in 15 years, and sales of Power were leaping in the three European countries where it had been launched. It

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