Stages in the Adoption Process

Consumers go through five stages in the process of adopting a new product:

1. Aiaareness. The consumer becomes aware of the new product, but lacks information about it.

2. Interest. The consumer seeks information about the new product.

3. Evaluation. The consumer considers whether trying the new product makes sense.

4. Trial. The consumer tries the new product on a small scale to improve his or her estimate of its value.

5. Adoption. The consumer decides to make full and regular use of the new product.

This model suggests that the new-product marketer should think about how to help consumers move through these stages. A manufacturer of large-screen televisions may discover that many consumers in the interest stage do not move to the trial stage because of uncertainty and the large investment. If these same consumers would be willing to use a large-screen television on a trial basis for a small fee, the manufacturer should consider offering a trial-use plan with an option to buy.

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