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This aissard--TĀ£irming direct response ctdtaevtising campaign nm by the Scottish Health Education Board, drew tremendous responses from smokers seeking counselling, showing vahat ciimniunicatuin can achieve when advertisers get it right.

manufacturers to experiment with multiple forms of media, such as videotapes, computer discs, (ID-ROMs and Internet catalogues. The revolution has already begun in the United States in the case of Royal Silk, a clothing company, which sells a 35-niinute video catalogue to its customers for S5.95. The tape contains a polished presentation of Royal Silk products, tells customers how to care for silk and provides ordering information. Solot'lex uses a video brochure to help sell its in-home exercise equipment. The 22-minute video shows an attractive couple demonstrating the exercises possible with the system. Solotlex claims that almost half of those who view the video brochure later place an order via telephone, compared with only a 1(1 per cent response from those receiving regular direct mail.1-' Many business-to-business marketers also rely heavily on catalogues. Whether in the form of a simple brochure, three-ring binder or book, or encoded on a videotape or computer disc, catalogues remain one of today's indispensable sales tools.

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