1 Why is market forecasting so important ro airlines like Cathay Pacific and Qantas?

2. Is it realistic for Qantas to conduct a single forecast for passenger traffic in the region, or should it base its projections on several separate forecasts? If so, what separate forecasts should be conducted?

3. Does the past steady growth of the economies in the region mean it is reasonable to project similar levels of growth for the next decade?

4. Are Lufthansa's findings from its study likely to apply in south-cast Asia? What is likely to make customer research in southern Asia more complicated than in Europe?

5. What techniques should Qantas use to forecast overall demand over the next ten years? How should it estimate what customers1 tastes are likely to be over the next decade?

6. If Qantas's conclusion is that the market is uncertain, how should it proceed in acquiring new airliners?

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