1. Compare the positioning strategies used by Sehott in the case.

2. Why did one succeed and the other fail?

3. Could country of origin be used to help position the product?

4. What types of product could be successfully positioned as German, French, Italian. Swedish, Dutch, etc.?

5. What associations could Sehott have used to communicate its successful positioning? What personalities?

6. To what extent does successful positioning depend upon the tangible features of a product being marketed?

SOURCES: Adapted from Nancy Arnott, 'Heating up sales: formal ware for your kitchen*, Sales and Marketing Management (June 1994), pp. 77-8. Sec also Richard ,1. Bahyak, Tablctop cooking', A.ppliaiK:<'Manufacturer (February 1997), pp. 65-7.

Building Customer Relationships: Customer Satisfaction, Quality., Value and Service


Alter reading this chapter, you should be able to:

Define customer value and discuss its importance in creating customer satisfaction and company profitability.

Discuss the concepts of value chains and value delivery systems and explain how companies go about producing and delivering customer value.

Explain the importance of retaining current customers as well as attracting new ones.

Discuss customer relationship marketing and the main steps in establishing a customer relationship programme. Deiine quality and explain the importance of total quality marketing in building value-laden, profitable relationships with customers.

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