1. What types of market research method did Ballygowan use?

2. What sorts of information were Ballygowan's management hoping to get from the different methods they used? Is quantitative marketing research intrinsically more reliable than qualitative research?

3. Relate the market research to the stages in the product development process and explain how they contributed to Ballygowan's understanding of the strategy for launching Kisqua.

4. Were the methods appropriately used and what alternatives would you suggest? Why could in-depth marketing research lead to wrong strategic choices?

5. What explains Ballygowan's poor showing in the market? Did Ballygowan do too much, or too little, market research?

6. Where should Ballygowan's management go from here? What extra research should they do, if any? Should they go ahead with the existing marketing strategy, reposition the product, start again or give up?

Kisqua Ballygowan

'The meek shall inherit the earth, but they'll not increase market share.'


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