Product Formulations

Six products were produced for a quantitative market research survey conducted in May 1989 by Behaviour & Attitudes, a market research agency in Dublin. A questionnaire, developed from Dimension's earlier one, focused on aroma, appearance and flavour. The flavours tested were 10 per cent orange juice, 15 per cent orange and peaeh juice, 15 per cent orange and passion fruit juice, 10 per cent orange and lemon juice, 10 per cent lemon juice, and 15 per cent grapefruit and pineapple juice, with Club Orange and Club Lemon as 'controls'. Eaeh of 200 respondents taste-tested two Ballygowan samples and one of the 'controls', to give 75 assessments of each Ballygowan product.

The results convinced the Ballygowan team to focus on orange, orange and peach, orange and passion fruit, and orange and lemon. Lemon, and grapefruit and pineapple, could extend the range later (see Exhibit 2.2). Since the results of the orange formulation were not satisfactory, a second round of quantitative market research would take place with performance isolated from packaging and advertising effects.



juice) juice)





ORANGE fruit LEMOK 00% (15% (10% JUICE) JUICE) JUICE)




Attractiveness 5 3 4

Naturalness 5 2 2

Overall 5 3 3


Attractiveness 4 2 5

Naturalness 5 3 4

Overall 5 3 5


Good taste 4 3 5

Real fruit flavour 5 3 3

Sweetness (right) 5 3 3

Refreshment 5 3 5

Overall taste 5 3 4

Overall rating

Key: 5 Well above average

4 Above average

3 Average

2 Below average

1 Well below average

SOURCE: Behaviour & Attitudes, Market Research Survey. May I9S9.

Some questions remained. Should the products be pasteurized, and should essence or preservatives be TisedV Eaeh of these options had complications. Pasteurization meant that it would not be possible to use plastic bottles and there were also shelf-life implications. However, with pasteurization, the' product

ingredients are '100 per cent natural'. Using essence would overcome shelf-life difficulties, hut would not he consistent with the hrand propositions. Finally, preservatives were in most soft drinks on the market, but the management felt that they could compromise Ballygowan's image of purity and naturalness.

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