Product Development Process

A product development process identified product development, brand development and business planning stages. In December 1988, Ballygowan employed a marketing consultancy firm, Dimension, to help in the first two stages. The consultancy's brief was as follows:

• Identify and brief three companies to develop prototype products based on pure juices and Ballygowan Spring Water with natural flavours and sweeteners, carbonated, containing preservatives, but not pasteurized.

• Develop formulations for up to six flavours.

• Develop name, branding, positioning, communication and marketing Strategies.

Overview Case Two: Ballygowan • 365

• Target the branded soft-drink sector - Coke, 7-Up, Club, Lilt, and so on.

• Develop a brand with a premium but accessible imagery, and superior product quality, but priced competitively with major brands.

t The brand should have no overt Ballygowan endorsement,

• It should be packed in 1.5 litre plastic bottles, 330 ml cans and 250 ml glasses.

• Primary focus to be the Irish market, but with export potential.

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