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PROCTER & GAMBIA is THE market leader in the United States and the European detergent markets. In the United it markets nine brands of laundry detergent (Tide, Cheer, Gain, Dasb, Bold 3, Dreft, Ivory Snow, Oxydol and Era). The cultural and competitive diversity in Europe means that even more brands, such as Ariel, are used to serve that market. Why so many?

Besides its many detergents Procter & Gamble sells eight brands of hand soap (Zest, Coast, Ivory, Safeguard. Camay, Oil of Ulay, Kirk's and Lava); sis shampoos (Prell, Head & Shoulders, Ivory, Pert, Panic no and Vidal Sassoon); four brands each of liquid dish-washing detergents (Joy, Ivory, Dawn and Liquid Cascade), toothpaste (Crest, Gleam, Complete and Dcnquel), coffee

Folger Butternut Coffee

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Oxydol Plus

(Folger's, High Point, Butternut and Maryland Club) and toilet tissue (Cliarmin, White Cloud, Banner and Summit); three brands of floor cleaner (Spic & Span, Top Job and Mr Clean); and two brands each of deodorant (Secret and Sure), cooking oil (Criseo and Puritan), fabric softener (Downy and Bounce) and disposable nappies (Pampers and TAWS). Moreover, many of the brands art; offered in several and formulations (for example, you can buy large or small packages of powdered or liquid Tide in any of three forms - regular, unscented or with bleach).

These P & G brands compete with one another on the same supermarket shelves. Why would P & G introduce several brands in one category instead of concentrating its resources on a single leading brand? The answer lies in different people wanting different mixes of benefits from the products they buy. Take laundry detergents as an example. People use laundry detergents to get their clothes clean. They also want other things from their detergents - such as economy, bleaching powder, fabric softening, fresh smell, strength or mildness and suds. We all want some of every one of these benefits from our detergent, but we may have different priorities for each benefit. To some people, cleaning and bleaching power are most important; to others, fabric softening matters most; still others want a mild, fresh-scented detergent. Thus there are groups - or segments - of laundry detergent buyers and each segment seeks a special combination of benefits.

Procter & Gamble has identified at least nine important laundry detergent segments, along with numerous subsegments, and has developed a different brand designed to meet the special needs of each. The nine P & G brands aim at different segments:

1. Tide is 'so powerful, it cleans down to the fibre1. It's the all-purpose family detergent for extra-tough laundry jobs. 'Tide's in, dirt's out.' Tide with Bleach is 'so powerful, it whitens down to the fibre'.

2. Cheer with Colour Guard gives 'outstanding cleaning and colour protection. So your family's clothes look clean, bright and more like new,' Cheer is also formulated for use in hot, warm or cold water - it's 'all tempera-Cheer'. Cheer Free is 'dermatologist tested ... contains no irritating perfume or dye',

3. Oxydol contains bleach. It 'makes your white clothes really white and your coloured clothes really bright. So don't reach for the bleach - grab aboxof Ox!'

4. Gain, originally P & G's 'enzyme' detergent, was repositioned as the detergent that gives you clean, fresh-smelling clothes - it 'freshens like sunshine'.

5. Bold is the detergent with fabric softener. It 'cleans, softens and controls static'. Bold liquid adds 'the fresh fabrie softener scent*.

6. Ivory Snow is 'Ninety-nine and forty-four one hundred ths percentages pure'. It's the 'mild, gentle soap for diapers and baby clothes'.

7. Dreft is also formulated for baby's nappies and clothes. It contains borax, 'nature's natural sweetener' for 'a clean you can trust'.

8. Dash is P & G's value entry. It 'attacks tough dirt', but 'Dash does it for a great low price'.

9. Era Plus has 'built-in stain removers'. It 'gets tough stains out and does a great job on your whole wash too'.

By segmenting the market and having several detergent brands, P & G has an attractive offering for customers in all import suit preference groups. All its brands combined hold a market share much greater than any single brand could obtain.

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