Part Introduction

IN PART FOUR WE LOOK at the first component in the marketing mix - the product.

Designing good products that customers want to buy is a challenging task. Customers do not buy mere products. They seek product benefits and are often willing to pay more for a brand that genuinely solves their problems. Chapter 13 explores how marketers ean satisfy customer needs by adding value to the basic product; it also shows the complexity arising in product, branding and packaging decisions, and how various forces in the environment pose tough challenges for marketers heading towards the twenty-first century.

Markets do not stand still. Companies must adapt their current offerings or create new ones in response to changing customer needs, or to take advantage of new marketing and technological opportunities. Chapter 14 looks at how to develop and commercialize new products. Importantly, after launch, marketing managers must carefully manage the new product over its lifetime to get the best out of their new-product effort.

While Chapters 13 and 14 deal with products, Chapter 15 looks more specifically at intangible products or services. It examines the unique characteristics of services and how organizations adapt their approach when marketing them.


Brands, Products, Packaging and Services


Product Development and Life-Cycle Strategies

CHAPTER 15 Marketing Services


Maud: Getting it Right is No Child's Play

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