Part Introduction

PART THREE OF PRINCIPLES Of MARKETING covers core strategy, the centre of the marketing process.

Within core strategy, marketing knowledge is made into the strategies that guide marketing action. Businesses mostly succeed by concentrating on a group of customers they can serve better than anyone else. Chapter 9 explains how markets can be broken down into customer segments and how to choose the ones to target. Chapter 10 then looks at ways to address the target segments by creating mental associations that attract customers to the product or services.

A Levi ad once claimed that 'quality never goes out of style'. That has become a hyword for much of modern marketing, as marketers try to escape from making single transactions with customers to establishing relationships that both enjoy. Chapter 11 returns to marketing's central belief in customer satisfaction to see how quality, value and service can help.

Increasingly, it is not enough for marketers to look at customers; they must also look at what their competitors are doing and respond to them. Chapter 12 shows that success in marketing does not mean direct confrontation with competitors. It is often best to find new ways to please customers that build upon abusiness's unique strengths.


Market Segmentation and Targeting


Market Segmentation and Targeting




Building Customer Relationships; Customer Satisfaction, Quality, Value and Service


Creating Competitive Advantages


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