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The Ballygowan company next needed to know the impact of the brand name, label design, price, positioning and advertising options on Kisqua's branding strategy. A further question was the reason for people's preference for Kisqua or Club Orange. In October 1989 Behaviour & Attitudes researched these key areas. It used a central location to approach a quota sample of 200 respondents. The respondents were in two equal subgroups: one group to taste-test Club Orange and Kisqua blind, and the other group with both products branded. The results in percentages were:



Prefer Club a lot



Prefer Club a little



Prefer Risqua a lot



Prefer Risqua a little



No preferences



Ballygowan believed that by working on Kisqua's colour and sweetness it could significantly improve its appeal to the market, and also develop much higher ratings by fine-tuning Risqua's advertising strategy. Response to Risqua's name was positive: 71 per cent liked the name Kisqua compared to 20 per cent who did not. When assessing Kisqua's label, 36 per cent of respondents considered it above average, 36 per cent average and 26 per cent below average.

Two advertising concepts were presented. 'Kisqua - what could be more natural' received better than average scores from 38 per cent of respondents, while 45 per cent rated it average. Projective tests associated Kisqua with sports-minded and health-conscious people and with people who really care about quality and who may be described as trendsetters. The target market was confirmed as soft-drink consumers in social classes A, B, Cl and C2, 15-30 years old and of either sex. Following the research, Dimension made the appropriate adjustment to the advertising concept.

Pack design was a very important aspect of this project. Ballygowan had proprietorial rights to the distinctive bottle designs used for its spring water range. However, it believed that Kisqua should be differentiated from Ballygowan's other products and that the branding and bottle design of Kisqua should help distinguish it within the soft-drinks market. The pack design assumed that Kisqua would compete directly with Club Orange.

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