Marketing and the Other Business Functions

In some firms, marketing is just another function - all functions count in the company and none takes leadership. At the other extreme, some marketers claim that marketing is the principal function of the firm. They quote Drucker's statement: 'The aim of the business is to create customers.' They say it is marketing's job to define the company's mission, products and markets, and to direct the other functions in the task of serving customers.

More enlightened marketers prefer to put the customer at the centre of the company. These marketers argue that the firm cannot succeed without customers, so the crucial task is to attract and hold them. Customers are attracted by promises and held by satisfaction. Marketing defines the promise and ensures its delivery. However, because actual consumer satisfaction is affected by the performance of other departments, all functions should work together to sense, serve and satisfy customer needs. Marketing plays an integrative role in ensuring that all departments work together towards consumer satisfaction,

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