Key Terms

Actual product 561 Augmented product 561 Brand 571 Brand equity 572 Brand extension 581 Capital items 566 Co-bra tiding 577

Company and individual brand strategy 582

Consumer product 563 Convenience product 563 Core product 561 Corporate brand strategy 582 Corporate licensing 580

Durable product 562 Industrial product 565 Licensed brand 577 Line extension 580 Manufacturer's brand (or national brand) 577 Materials and parts 565 Multibrand strategy 582 Non-durable product 562 Packaging 583 Packaging concept 584 Private brand (middleman, distributor or store brand) 577 Product 561

Product line 588 Product line filling 591 Product line stretching 588 Product mix (or product assortment) 591 Product quality 566 Pro duct-support services 585 Range branding strategy 582 Services 561 Shopping product 564 Speciality product 564 Supplies and services 566 Unsought product 564

Ebay Cash Insider

Ebay Cash Insider

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