Key Terms

Advertising 793 Advertising objective 794 Advertising specialities 823 Allowance 826

Gash refund offers (rebates) 822 Comparison advertising (knocking copy) 794 Consumer promotion 819 Consumer relationship-building promotions 823 Continuity 808 Copy testing 808

Coupons 822 Discount 826 Frequency 804 Informative advertising 794 Media, impact 804 Media vehicles 804 Patronage rewards 823 Persuasive advertising 794 Point-ot'-purcbase (POP) promotions 823

Premiums 822 Price packs 822

Public relations 830 Publicity 830 Pulsing 808 Reach 803

Reminder advertising 795 Sales force promotion 819 Sales promotion 818 Samples 822

Trade (or retailer) promotion 819

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