EFFEM's success with Sheba shows how consumer buying behaviour has many unexpected dimensions. Since the human mind contains as many interacting neurones as there are leaves in the Amazon jungle, it is not surprising that buying behaviour is never simple. Complicated it is, but understanding buyer behaviour is central to marketing management. Just as marketing ends with consumption, so marketing management muse begin with understanding customers.

This chapter explores the dynamics of consumer behaviour and the consumer market. Consumer buying behaviour- refers to the buying behaviour of final consumers - individuals and households that buy goods and services for personal consumption. All of these final consumers combined make up the consumer market. The world consumer market consists of about 5.5 billion people, but the billion people living in North America, western Europe and Japan make up 70 per cent of the world's spending power.1 Even within these wealthy consumer markets, consumers vary tremendously in age, income, education level and tastes. They also buy an incredible variety of goods and services. How these diverse consumers make their choices among various products embraces a fascinating array of factors.

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